New Video – Ring Video Doorbell Pro: 4 Colored Faceplates

I just published a new YouTube video. It’s a quick 4 minute video covering the four different faceplates that come with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro: silver, cream, dark bronze and black. I also show how to change these faceplates (it’s really easy):

Video Transcript

Hey YouTube, it’s Tristan from Smart Home Point here. I wanted to shoot a really quick video today just to show the four different face plates that come with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Uhm, so I’ll just open up the box that comes with the device… move this stuff out the way… ok, so this is the Doorbell Pro from Ring. By default it comes with the silver effect – or chrome effect – faceplate. Uhm I’ll put that to one side. But in the box what you also get, at the bottom, are three other types of face plates which you can see on the left here so I’ll take them out now.

So you’ve got a creams sort of effect faceplate, you got this one which is sometimes called dark bronze, then you’ve got your standard black faceplate. Now the benefit of this is that you can change the faceplate of your device according to your house style and according to your doorframe.

So this is the one that comes in the box and basically to change the faceplate is really easy. Make sure firstly there’s no security screw – which obviously it would be if the device is on the wall. As long as there’s not you remove your device from the wall and all you literally need to do is hold the edge of the device with the tips of your fingers or your fingernails and then push gently at the back. Make sure you hold the back of the doorbell so that doesn’t fall off. Uhm, but that’s literally all there is to remove in the faceplate.

Obviously by default the product comes with a film and there’s a warning saying ‘Remove Film’, so let’s just make sure we do that now. Remove that as well. Remove from the doorbell itself. Okay, so that’s the doorbell now. And literally to put the new faceplate in it’s literally a case of put the product… you put the ring doorbell… in evenly – you know, don’t put it at the top because it won’t fit in the bottom. Put it in evenly and literally just click and the item will click and then obviously if you put it on the wall you put the security screw in. In this case I’m not doing that but that’s literally all there is to it.

That’s the black effect which I think looks really nice actually, it sort of complements the rest of the Video Doorbell. Let’s look at the other two face plates as well.

Okay so this is the sort of cream effect faceplate. Again, make sure the product goes in evenly and then click on… that’s the cream effect. I’m not as much of a fan of this although to be honest if your facias and soffits and your window frames are this sort of color obviously it’s a no-brainer to use this.

Remove, and then the final one is this colour faceplate – they call it dark bronze, which I think is a fair description. Put that in and this is quite nice as well it’s a bit of an alternative to the black if you think about it. It’s still quite stylish and it still looks pretty good.

That’s it really. So that’s the four different face plates available with the Pro. Obviously Ring are releasing a Video Doorbell Plus in the next few months in 2020 – in the middle of 2020 – as yet they haven’t confirmed exactly what face plates there’ll be, but it will probably be a similar selection/ They might add another color as well, but we’ll just have to see. And that’s it – thanks for watching this video. I hope you found it useful. If you liked it, please click the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!

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