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New Video – 15 Relaxing Google Home Sleep Sounds (Free, No Subscription Required)

I am a big fan of using white noise and relaxation noises as a sleep aid, and so I wanted to shoot a quick video to showcase the 15 different commands you can issue to Google Home to play sleep sounds (without any separate subscription or installing a third party skill):

Video Transcript

Hey YouTube, I’m Tristan from Smart Home Point. I’m personally a big fan of playing white noise at night to help improve sleep. Various studies have shown that white noise does actually improve sleep quality, and it can also mask environmental noise – which further improves sleep quality. I personally use white noise in my baby son’s nursery at night, on the Google Home. There’s quite a few different sleep sounds you can play on a Google Home completely for free, with no subscription, so I wanted to shootthis video and just walk you through what white noise and sleep noises are available. And how you can trigger them and play them through your Google Home device.

  • “[Hey] Google, play relaxing sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play nature sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play water songs”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play running water sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play outdoor sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play babbling brook sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play oscillating fan sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play fireplace sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play forest sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play country night sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play ocean sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play rain sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, Play river sounds”.
  • “[Hey] Google, play thunderstorm sounds”.

Okay, and for the final sound that is supported out of the box:

“[Hey] Google, play white noise”.

Okay that wraps up this video, I hope you find it useful. If you did, please let me know in the comments below. If you like this video, please click the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe. Sweet dreams!

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