New Video – Google Nest Home News – How To Make It Less… Boring!

So… I recently asked my Google Nest Mini device for a news update, and it went on (and on and on…) for over 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! Luckily I have a short attention span and I fell asleep around the 7 or 8 minute mark. Nonetheless, this default behavior can be quite frustrating.

Luckily Google make it easy to change the news providers in the Google Home app – either by clicking through the push notification it sometimes sends you, or instead by heading through a labyrinth of menu options within the app. This video walks you through how you can do this, so that you can get quicker – and more tailored – news updates.

Video Transcript

Hey YouTube I’m Tristan from Smart Home Point. One of the features I quite like on the Google Home and the Google Nest range of smart speakers is the ability to get news updates. It’s quite easy, you just ask for news update and then Google will run through a list of news providers and give you updates from each of those. It’s really good news however, the problem with it is, it takes a long time by default. There’s quite a lot of news providers and they sat there for quite a long time getting the news from all these different news providers.

– [Announcer] Here’s the latest news, the headlines from BBC News at 7:03 PM today.

(upbeat music)

– [Male] Hello, you’re listening to BBC News, one of the. (tape fast forwarding)

– Is it done yet? (yawning) (tape fast forwarding) (snoring) (tape fast forwarding)

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] That’s all for now.

Okay, so even though it takes quite a long time and it can be quite boring if you actually sit there listening to all the news providers, thankfully Google make it quite easy to actually configure the news providers more to your liking. And as a result, it’ll give you more tailored news and also speed up the news updates. Let’s take a look at how you do this now. Okay, so in terms of fixing that really long news update what you might notice is sometimes when you ask your Google Home or Nest home device for the news update, you might get a notification saying, get news just for you. And on there even click to actually customize exactly what new sources you’ve got, as you can see here. But let’s say for whatever reason you don’t actually have that, is launch our Google Home app.

Okay, with the app launched, it’s not actually intuitive how you’re actually changing new source, you might think you go to settings and then you won’t actually see any option for it, unlike the Amazon Smart Home app where it’s really easy under there, we’ve actually got do instead, is at the top you go click your name, read all profile image, and then you got to assistant settings ’cause after all, you’re actually changing the new source not just a new Google Home devices, but actually your phone as well. If you said, give me the news on your phone, it would actually, you know what you’re about to do here will change it there as well. Okay, so you’ve gone there, it’s really old picture of me I think I was like 20 at the time I got changed that. Anyway, you’ve known, let’s go down, keep me on time, just went to all settings, keep going down, fairly big list not the most intuitive, but there you have it, news. And then, you get taken to the same screen as the push notification clicking through there. So in terms of this screen, it says your assistant will play the news from these sources when you save, listen to the news or add news to routine. Brilliant!

So you can see all the different news sources there. And firstly, you can change the order, you can also delete news providers and you can also add a new, new source as well. That’s what I’m gonna do, I’m just gonna start by deleting some of them. So I’ll get rid of them Get rid of Bloomberg, DW News Brief and I’ll click on add new sources as well. And as you can see, there’s quite a lot here. So you’ve got there, there’s a new source for South Asia, you’ve got New York Times Briefing. So that’s quite a good one to have The Economist you know, there’s loads here you can see The Guardians Audio Long Reads which is a podcast. Okay yeah, so as you can see there’s actually loads there.

Updates for CNET, if you’re into technology and loads of other sites as well. So you choose what you want. I’m gonna say Instagram stories not to lie it interests me. Let’s do that. And then once you’ve chosen all you want to do you scroll and you just click this arrow at the top. Let’s click that, okay, so now I’ve got headlines from BBC News, CNBC Tech Check and Instagram stories, which is going to be amazing I’m sure. So let me click on change order. Let’s say I want Instagram stories first ’cause I wanna start my day being inspired by Instagram.

Then I want to Tech Check and then I’ll have my headlines. So up there, that’s nothing. So again, you click on the back button and you can see your reorder new stories there. So again, we’ll click the back button and this order saved there under your news. Now I’ll switch back to my Google device and let’s take a look at how this works now.

– [Announcer 1] News update.

– [Announcer] Here’s the latest news, the Instagram stories at 5:00 AM yesterday.

(upbeat music) (tape fast forwarding) That’s all for now.

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