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New Video – Funny Amazon Echo Easter Eggs (#shorts YouTube video)

A YouTube #shorts video covering some funny easter eggs that I’ve come across on my Amazon Echo Show (although they’ll work on all Echo devices), in less than a minute.

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The easter eggs I cover on my Amazon Echo Show 8 device are:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:06 Self destruct
  • 0:15 I’ll be back
  • 0:21 I am your father
  • 0:28 I want the truth!
  • 0:32 Set phasers to kill
  • 0:38 I shot a man in Reno
  • 0:46 Lay down a beat
  • 0:54 Ending

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Tristan from Smart Home Point and I wanted to cover some funny easter eggs that are available on the Amazon Echo Devices.

[Me] “self-destruct”.
[Alexa] “self-destruct sequence not initiated”.

[Me] “I am your father”… [Alexa] “no, that’s not true, that’s impossible!”.

[Me] “I want the truth”… [Alexa] “you can’t handle the truth”.

[Me] “Set phasers to kill”… [Alexa] “engines engaged, helm on course”.

[me] “I shot a man in Reno”. [Alexa] “Even if you’re Johnny Cash, calling the police is the right thing to do in this situation”.

[Me] “Drop a beat”. [Music]

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