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Back of the Philips Hue Motion Sensor

How To Reset The Philips Hue Motion Sensor

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor is a versatile tool in your smart home ecosystem. These motion sensors allow you to go from app-controlled lighting to a truly smart system that…

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YouTube thumbnail showing a smart plug my coffee machine and the text Misleading Advertising

PSA: Why Smart Plugs Are Often Pointless (Electric vs Mechanical Switches) – New Video

The marketing of smart plugs is great: easily control your household appliances and devices from anywhere in the world, or even via smart routines and schedules. Simple. However if you…

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Screenshot from the Hue app showing an RGB color wheel for Hue Color bulbs

Can Philips Hue Do Black Light?

Black light is used everywhere from security to parties. These lights use UV-A wavelengths to cause a glow-in-the-dark reaction called fluoresce. You’ve probably seen this in black light posters at…

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Philips Hue dimmer switch showing a red (error) light

Using Your Philips Hue Dimmer Switch With Alexa – Is It Possible?

The goal of most smart home owners is to get their homes to operate seamlessly and achieve interoperability with all of their smart devices. With the introduction of smart home…

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The Daylight Sensitivity option on a Hue indoor motion sensor from the Hue app

Does The Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Allow Lux (Daylight) Control?

Lux values, brightness sensitivity, and daylight control all refer to the same setting in your smart motion detectors. This setting is where you pick how bright it has to be…

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A Hue motion sensor pointed at a window/glass

Does Philips Hue’s Motion Sensor Work Through Glass & Windows?

Infrared vision is the stuff of science fiction and spy movies. Being able to see heat signatures allows action movie heroes to see through walls, but why can’t my Philips…

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YouTube thumbnail showing me sleeping with my Hue bulbs and accessories

Why I LOVE Philips Hue (5 Reasons They’re NOT “A Rip Off”) – New Video

Whether it’s Linus (from LTT) or Paul Hibbert (of “Oooh the Zigbee” fame), YouTubers seem to love bashing Philips Hue. As a result, I wanted to give a rare insight…

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The back of the Hue dimmer switch showing the battery cover and setup button

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Battery Guide: All You Need To Know

Smart home tech is all about balancing your power sources. You want to know how your devices are powered and what you can do to keep the lights on. The…

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A LIFX full RGB bulb in my hand

Do LIFX Bulbs Slow Down Or Disrupt Your Wi-Fi Network?

Because of their wide range of colors and overall ease of use, LIFX smart home LED lights have become increasingly popular. Not only do they offer a variety of customizable…

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YouTube thumbnail showing me looking confused and two Ring app screenshots with no recordings

Ring Devices Without A Subscription: What Still Works (Hint: Not Much) – New Video

Ring devices aren’t exactly cheap, so the thought of paying even more for an additional monthly subscription seems silly. Surely it’s worth just keeping the basic Ring functionality without a…

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