Can’t Connect To Lutron Caseta’s Bridge? Try This Out

Lutron Caseta starter kit with no WiFi sign on top of it

Did you just set up your brand new Lutron Caseta bridge, only to have it constantly disconnect from your Wi-Fi or app? Maybe your old trustworthy bridge has started to blink in and out of existence? Either way, there’s a solution for fixing Lutron Caseta bridge connection issues. Smart home devices are all about DIY. … Read more

Why Is Wyze Cam So Cheap? How Do They Make Money?

Marketing image showing the Wyze Cam Pan facing leftwards.

In the wide, varied world of smart home cameras, there’s always something that makes each stand out, and Wyze is no exception to the rule. So what makes Wyze stand out?  While Wyze smart home cameras offer a lot of the same functions and capabilities as those of their competitors, they do so at some … Read more

Will Lutron Caseta Work Without A Ground?

Lutron Caseta wiring without neutral, showing the switch in series on the hot line

Lutron Caseta smart dimmer switches are a great addition to any smart home. Installing these into the walls of your home will change how you look at smart technology. Making the home itself smarter is the next level of smart home tech. Lutron Caseta is well known for their lighting control systems. They offer a … Read more

Can Smart LED Bulbs and Light Strips SPY On You?

Kitchen with various smart lighting installed, and set to a purple-style color

If this question has never crossed your mind – congratulations, now here’s a new fear! On the other hand, if you have thought about it, well then, you’re probably having an ‘I knew it!’ moment and are going to find this particularly interesting. When we think of our smart devices spying on us, the most likely culprits … Read more

Does Ring Offer 24/7 Recording? (Ring PROMISED This In 2018…) – New Video

Me talking into my phone with the text Why Ring Killed 24 7 Maybe to the left

Back in 2018, Ring promised that you would soon be able to pay extra for 24/7 recording from all “wired” Ring devices (such as the Ring Pro and Ring Floodlight Cam). However it’s now 2021 and… Ring still doesn’t offer continuous 24/7 recording features. This is disappointing but unsurprising – Ring has been promising HomeKit … Read more

Is Lutron Caseta a Mesh Network? (How Its Network Works)

Thread or ZigBee network mesh

Lutron Caseta is one of the most recognizable names in the smart home industry. They design a wide range of high-end products and have earned a reputation for creating more reliable smart home technology. Mesh networks have come to redefine how smart home tech communicates. Where yesterday’s smart home devices put a lot of burden … Read more

Wyze USED To Send Your Data and Videos To China – Do They Still?

Various IoT internet of things devices interacting with the cloud

Talk to just about anyone and they’ll agree that the privacy of their personal information is of the utmost importance. From using complex passwords, keeping important documents locked up and encrypted, and even using special wallets to prevent skimming, it’s easy to see that people go to great lengths to ensure the security of their personal information. … Read more