Common Philips Hue Setup Questions Answered

A Philips Hue starter kit (B22), and four E14 White Ambiance bulbs.

So you’ve decided to switch to smart lighting? Congratulations, I recently made the switch and I’m glad that I did. Having said that, there are some possible points of confusion with the setup process. For example, you might have the newer Bluetooth bulbs, but if you also have a Hue Bridge, should you use this … Read more

New Video – How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording: 6 Simple Solutions

YouTube thumbnail for my 'Stop Ring recording' video

To go alongside my ‘How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording‘ text guide, I have just finished recording a video guide for it too: (no Ring cameras were hurt in the filming of this video!) The six approaches are: Video Transcript Hey YouTube, it’s Tristan from Smart Home Point. Ring cameras and Ring doorbells … Read more

New Video – Philips Hue & Alexa: Full Setup (Step by Step) + Why I Chose Hue

Philips Hue & Alexa YouTube video thumbnail

I had always been a bit unsure about smart lighting due to their cost, but I realized of a perfect smart light usecase around my home (turning on and off four side lamps in the evenings). So I went out and purchased four E14 candle Hue bulbs (White Ambiance), along with a B22 starter kit … Read more

Do You Need To Put Up The Ring Recording Warning Sticker?

Ring 'audio & video recording' warning stickers in different languages - English, French, German, Spanish and others.

When you buy a Ring doorbell, camera or alarm system, Ring warning decals come in the box – such as stickers that say “Attention: Ring Audio & video recording“. These are designed to be put in your window, and in theory they should ward off would-be criminals. But are they really a good thing to … Read more

Ring Doorbell Sun (or Anti-Sun!) Guide: Protect Your Device

The location of the sun in the sky at 9:04am

You don’t have much choice where to place your Ring Doorbell: it’ll be right by your front door. Maybe a few inches to one side, or maybe even on the door itself. Either way, if your front door tends to get hit by bright sunlight, your expensive Ring Doorbell could be susceptible to anything from … Read more

New Video – Deta Doorbell to Ring Doorbell Pro – UK Wiring Guide

Wiring guide YouTube thumbnail

Hey everyone, I’ve just published a new YouTube video covering how to switch from a Deta mains-voltage doorbell to a Ring Doorbell Pro (I had the Deta C3051, but the instructions are similar – if not the same – for some similar Deta models): If you prefer text, check out my accompanying written guide instead. … Read more

How To Convert a Deta Doorbell to a Ring Doorbell Pro – UK

Inside a Deta C3501 mains voltage doorbell: the input (mains voltage) cables are on the bottom left, with the output (CAT5) cables on the bottom right.

When I purchased my Ring Doorbell Pro, I knew that I currently had a Deta doorbell but I hadn’t looked at the wiring much beyond that. To be honest, I intended on getting an electrician in to install it. But now that the country is locked down due to COVID-19 and a smart doorbell isn’t … Read more

Do Ring Doorbells & Cameras Record Continuously (24/7)?

A Ring Doorbell Pro on the foreground, and a NAS ShareCenter in the background. Also with the infinity symbol and the text "24/7?!".

So you recently paid $229.99 for a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus and $99.99 for a Ring Stick Up Smart Camera, and you’ve finally installed them. Phew, now you can sit back, and relax in the knowledge that your house is protected by 24/7 video surveillance, right? What do you mean no?! Ring’s smart doorbells and … Read more

Can Smart Plugs Be Used To Dim Lights?

A side lamp with an Amazon Echo Dot in-front of it

When you plug a device into a smart plug, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the device itself isn’t suddenly smart. And by that I mean that it’s still the same old device, merely plugged into a smart plug which can turn it on or off. A standard light – even one which supports dimming … Read more

New Video – Using Echo As A Baby Monitor

YouTube video baby monitor thumbnail

I’ve just published a new YouTube video to accompany my ‘Using Amazon Echo As A Baby Monitor (But Is It Worth It?)‘ guide. As you can probably guess, it covers using Echo devices as a makeshift baby monitor. Please check it out below: Video Transcript Hey YouTube, it’s Tristan from Smart Home Point. If you … Read more