How Do I Remove Previous Owner From Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell is undoubtedly one of the best modern technologies for your home security. Normally, before adding a Ring Doorbell to a new profile, you need to remove the original owner’s account information. Otherwise, the new owner will not have much control over the device.

Fortunately, Ring makes it easy to change the Ring Doorbell ownership, and the process takes only a few minutes.

Key Points

  • With any luck, removing the previous owner from a Ring Doorbell should take no more than 15 minutes.
  • Before everything, remove all Shared User profiles from the Ring account.
  • Also, remove the payment information from the previous account.
  • You can now proceed to remove the Ring device from the Ring App to complete the refresh process.
  • Doing so will allow the new owner to set up the device and enjoy using its features.

We’ve detailed the entire process below so you have one less thing to worry about whether you’re selling your Ring Doorbell or just bought one secondhand. 

Removing Previous Owner From Ring Doorbell: Before Changing Ownership

While the steps to change ownership of a Ring Doorbell are pretty straightforward, there are things that you should do to prepare the device for the procedure. Let’s break them down for you in the section below:

1. Remove All Users With Shared Access

In case you added Shared User profiles to your Ring account and gave them permission to use the device you plan on removing, it is better to delete those profiles as a safety measure.

Once you remove them from Ring, other users will no longer access your Ring device or enjoy any of its features. And if you have a Ring Alarm, they won’t be able to arm or disarm it either.

Removing a Shared User can be effortlessly done in the application. To delete a shared user, open your Ring App and click the three horizontal lines on the top left of your screen.

open your Ring App

Go to “Settings” and select “Users and Pets” or “Shared Access.” Now, navigate to the bottom and choose “Remove User.” Ensure you delete all the users under this section.

Note: Select the right user location on the dashboard menu before deleting the Shared User. This only applies if you have several Ring devices and more than one location.

2. Remove the Billing Information

If you are the original owner, the first thing you want to do is remove your payment information before giving away the device. Doing this is important to avoid getting automatically billed by Ring at the end of your subscription period.

Unfortunately, you can not remove your payment method from the Ring app. The procedure for removing your payment information is simple, but you have to use a desktop or laptop to access the Ring website.

To do so, go to your computer’s web browser, visit the Ring website, and sign in to your Ring account.

Log Into your ring account

In the top-right corner of your home screen, you’ll see a “Protect Plan;” click on it. Now, navigate to the subscription you wish to discontinue and select “Cancel Plan.”

Protect plan

Click “Continue” to proceed with the cancellation. When asked, provide­ a reason why you wish to cancel and then choose when you want the cancellation to take effect.

Click “Continue” to proceed with the cancellation

3. Contact Ring Support to Cancel Your Plan

Contact Ring support if you’re eligible for a refund. They offer refunds for the time you are not using your Ring Protect Plan.

According to Ring refund policies, you can get a refund regardless of whether you are on a monthly or annual subscription plan. So, if you cancel now, you will only receive­ the unused portion of what’s left in your prese­nt payment cycle. Please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to process.

4. Reset the Ring Doorbell

Reset the Ring Doorbell

Resetting a used Ring Doorbell to factory settings is not necessary, but it’s a good step to take when changing ownership. This removes any previous owner’s personal information and configurations, ensuring a clean slate for the setup process.

To reset the Ring doorbe­ll, find the reset button on one side or at the­ back of the device (usually an orange button). You will have to remove the faceplate in some Ring Doorbell models to locate this button.

Press and hold this button firmly for about 15 seconds until the front light starts flashing. Now, let go of the button and wait for the blinking to stop. Just like that, the doorbell is now done resetting.

How to Remove Previous Owner From Ring Doorbell

Once everything else is out of the way, you can proceed to remove the previous owner from the Ring Doorbell account. You need to take only a few steps, so follow closely.

1. If You Are the Previous Owner

If you delete the Ring App from your phone, you must download it again from the App Store and log in using the right username and password.

download it again from the App Store

After that, launch the app and look to the top-left corner of the screen for three horizontal lines. Click these lines and then select “Devices.”

Pick your Ring Doorbell that you want to remove from your account and proceed to “Device Settings.”

proceed to “Device Settings

From here, click “General Settings,” scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select “Remove Device” to complete the process.

At this point, all data will be deleted, and the new owner can immediately proceed with the setup process. We recommend you do this with every Ring device you are letting go of, one at a time.

2. If You Are the New Owner

If you want to set up a Ring doorbell that seems to be under someone else, you can still do so within the Ring App. As you try to set up the device, the Ring App will give you some pop-up instructions about “Learn More About Device Transfers.

When you get this prompt, you can request that the original or registered owner transfer their ownership.

However, if the app does not prompt you with the transfer information, check that you are using the most recent version of the Ring application. Get in touch with Ring Customer Support if you still can’t find an option for a device transfer even after updating the app.

Yet again, if you have a way to communicate with the old owner of the Ring device, you can ask for device ownership and request that they delete it from their Ring App. If you can not get hold of the previous owner, Ring support could contact them on your behalf.

After requesting a device transfer:

  • The original owner will receive an email notification from Ring informing them someone is trying to take over their device.
  • The transfer process can take up to 15 business days (or longer), depending on the previous owner’s response.
  • You will receive email updates throughout the transfer process.
  • If you make another attempt to set up the device before the transfer is complete, you will receive a message stating that the earlier request is still pending.
  • Unfortunately, Ring customer support cannot speed up device transfer requests.

3. If the Previous Owner Passed Away

There are certain legal requirements you’ll have to fulfill if you want to change the ownership of a deceased Ring member. This is more so if you are looking to get back any saved video recordings from the device. For help with this process, please reach out to Ring Community Support.

Officially Change Ownership

Once the previous owner deletes their Ring Doorbell from their Ring App, you are set to assume control as the new owner.

Your next steps would be to download and install the Ring App from either the App Store or Play Store. Then, create an account or log in if you already have one.

Now, from the­ app’s homepage, choose “Set Up a Device” and select “Doorbells” from the provided device options.

After that, grab your phone and click “I’m Ready To Scan” to scan the QR code on the rear of your Ring Doorbell. A green bar will appear on your phone’s screen once the scan is successful.

I’m Ready To Scan

Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the standard setup process. This normally involves naming your device, setting up your location, and connecting the device to your Wi-Fi network. As soon as a new account is set up, the doorbell should automatically be associated with your new account.

Note: It is crucial that you connect the Ring Doorbell to the Wi-Fi network that your smartphone or tablet uses. This will prevent any connectivity problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Give a Used Ring Doorbell to Someone Else?

You can give your used Ring Doorbell to someone else, but you’ll have to transfer ownership. Ideally, you should remove the device from your account, which allows the new owner to set it up as new.
Also, you can choose to reset the device before passing it on to the new owner. This removes all your personal information and configurations, ensuring a clean slate for the setup process.

Can There Be Two Owners of a Ring Device?

Ring does not allow for more than one person to use a single Ring account. However, you can add more users to your Ring account as Shared Users. To do this, open your Ring App and click the three horizontal lines on the top left of your screen.
Go to “Settings,” select “Users and Pets” or “Shared Access,” and proceed to add a user. Once added, they get permission to use your ring device and enjoy its features. If there is a Ring Alarm, this person can also arm or disarm it.

Can You Deactivate Your Ring Doorbell?

You can deactivate your Ring Doorbell, but only if you own that Ring account. This is only possible through the Ring App, not via your account on
To deactivate your Ring Doorbell, open the application, click on the three lines at the top, and choose “Devices.” Find your specific Ring Doorbell and go to “Device Settings.” There, press “General Settings,” move down to the end of the page, and click on “Remove” to complete this action.

How Do You Remove a User From Your Ring Doorbell?

To remove a shared user from your Ring Doorbell, open your Ring App and click the three horizontal lines on the top left of your screen. Go to “Settings” and select “Users and Pets” or “Shared Access.” Now, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Remove User.”

Bottom Line

As you can see, removing the previous owner from Ring Doorbell can be a straightforward process, but you have to follow the right guidance. Remember that transferring ownership means that you have to remove the doorbell from your Ring App.

In addition, removing the device will permanently erase personal data from its previous account. The device can no longer be associated with the old account and allows the new owner to fully control and manage it.

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