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My Top 13 Recommended Smart Home Products

I started off my smart home journey years ago, by purchasing a simple Amazon Echo Dot. It was an early model with poor speakers… but it was awesome! The fact that it offered so many features (from playing music to managing my calendar) for a low upfront price and no monthly fee was great.

Picture of me holding up an Echo Dot in my house.
Picture of me holding
one of my Amazon Echo devices.

Since then, I’ve tested and purchased dozens of smart home products over the years so I wanted to write this guide to cover the top smart home products that I recommend.

If you’re just starting out, the product I would recommend above all else is the Amazon Echo Dot – click here to view price and purchase info on Amazon. Otherwise, keep reading and feel free to jump to the section that most interests you.

Please note: this post contains Amazon affiliate links (so I earn a commission at no cost to you). Please read my disclosure if you’d like more info on this.

The best smart voice assistant (also called virtual assistants)

Smart voice assistants – also called virtual assistants – are essentially the heart of a smart home. Not only do they have a range of useful features including playing music, giving weather forecasts, allowing you to make calls and a whole lot more, but you can also use them to manage other smart home devices.

For example you could say “Alexa, turn on my lights” to turn on your smart lights. Or you could say “Alexa, show me my front door” to view the footage from your smart doorbell.

A few big companies produce virtual assistants, although my favourite is Amazon’s Echo range since they integrate seamlessly with so many other smart products.

I’d recommend to either purchase the Echo Dot 3rd gen model which can often be purchased for a good price:

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Echo Dot 3rd generation model, with a blue 'listening' ring after a voice command was issued.

Or if you want a touch screen (which also allows you to watch footage from your smart doorbells and cameras), the Echo Show is a must-have:

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Echo Show 8 front - powered on

Smart doorbells (so many benefits!)

I have to admit that I’m a big fan of my Ring Doorbell Pro: if I’m out and someone delivers a parcel, I get a notification on my phone and I can speak to the delivery person – telling them where to leave my parcel.

It also acts as a crime deterrent, with Ring claiming a few years ago that it cuts crime by up to 55% in some neighboorhoods. It’s really useful to get video records every time motion is detected by your front (or back) door, plus you can customize the settings a lot.

If you currently have a hard-wired doorbell, I’d suggest to get the Ring Doorbell Pro:

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Inside a Ring Doorbell Pro box: showing the doorbell itself, the chime, multiple face plates, transformer, spirit level guide and install instructions.

If you don’t have a hardwired doorbell already (or you’re unable to swap out the wiring), the battery powered Ring Doorbell 3 brings lots of nice features:

My favourite smart indoor cameras

When I first heard of smart indoor cameras, I admit that I was a little creeped out: why do you need cameras looking at what you’re doing inside your own home?! But in reality, there’s a number of benefits to them:

  • As a makeshift baby monitor. Put a smart camera in the nursery, and then you can just check on it on-demand.
  • As a way of protecting your outbuildings: I have one in my garage, other people keep them in their sheds.
  • Keeping an eye on your home when everyone is out at work and school. With Ring you can use modes to stop all indoor camera recording when people are home again, too, meaning it’ll only ever record when everyone is out.

Whilst there’s a number of smart cameras, I am a big fan of Ring’s Indoor Camera due to its easy installs, the number of customization options and the seamless integration options with Echo:

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A Ring Indoor camera removed from the box, but still with the protective plastic films on it.

Smart outdoor cameras (great security devices)

Just like indoor smart cameras bring various benefits, waterproof outdoor smart cams can also bring lots of benefits.

The main benefit, of course, is that they help increase your house’s security: they can deter would-be burglars, and if you ever ‘catch them in the act’ you’ll have full HD recordings of them, and some smart outdoor cams also have sirens.

The hardwired Ring Floodlight Cam is a bit pricy but has an awesome siren, along with all the usual great features that come with Ring devices:

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Ring Floodlight Cam in its box
Ring Floodlight Cam in its box

A more budget option would be the Ring Stick-up Cam which can be powered in a number of ways, and is fully waterproof too:

Smart light bulbs for more convenience – and fun!

Smart lighting is a pretty awesome thing. Whilst I was firstly a bit unsure (“why do people need to dim their lights, and set them to bright orange?!”), I quickly started to appreciate just how useful they can be.

I have some table lamps that come on when it’s getting dark outside (i.e. based on the sunset). I have white smart bulbs which I dim down to 20% – quite handy when I’m doing an early-morning nappy change for my young children! I also have full color (RGB) bulbs which… are just fun! You can even have them change color in time with music.

Whatever you want them for, I’d personally recommend Philips Hue’s ecosystem. You need to buy a Hue Bridge if you plan on having 10+ Hue bulbs, but this actually introduces lots of extra features – plus you can get the Hue Bridge as part of a starter kit which comes with a bunch of Hue bulbs:

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A Philips Hue starter kit (B22), and four E14 White Ambiance bulbs.

Smart LED lightstrips

Following on from smart light bulbs, smart LED lightstrips are also just as awesome – they can be dimmed, they can change color, be animated (i.e. follow fun set patterns of light and brightness) and a whole lot more.

Plus they can be easily installed under cabinets, couches, TVs, and a whole lot more.

Some smart lightstrips require you to have a separate controlling hub, which is fine if you already have a hub (such as Philips Hue’s hub to control their Lightstrips), but if not, I’d recommend TP-Link Kasa’s smart strips which start at 6.6′ but can be extended up to 33′:

Smart plugs (remote control is really useful)

Have you ever been driving home and thought “it’d be really useful to have the slow cooker on right about now“? Or you were on holiday and wanted to control your plug-in lights in a better way than with mechanical timers? Or perhaps you wanted to enforce a “no internet” rule by automatically turning the router off at a set time each night?

Well with smart plugs you can! They plug into your wall socket, and then your device(s) plug into this. You can then turn the device on/off via the smart plug app, automatically (via pre-set timers) or with your voice (e.g. via your Echo devices).

They’re really useful, and TP-Link’s Kasa range of smart plugs are a good product to buy. They’re reasonably priced, don’t block out two socket spaces, and they’re highly rated:

Smart thermostats (you can save $100s each year)

The idea behind smart thermostats are simple: they learn the routines of your household, and then they adjust the heating to suit these routines whilst also saving you money (by slowly tapering down the heating and preventing unnecessary waste, such as heating an empty house).

And, of course, you can turn the heating on/off via your phone app even if you’re 2 hours away – no more coming home to a freezing cold house!

Many smart thermostats support HVAC systems, underfloor heating and a whole lot more, meaning they are highly likely to be compatible with your home. ecobee have a long history of producing top quality smart thermostats and are definitely worth checking out:

Smart door locks – convenient and safer

Are you fed up with struggling towards your front door with dozens of bags (okay, 4 bags – but it feels like a dozen!), putting them down one-by-one, unlocking the door, and then picking the bags up again?

Or when you’re out of town and a neighbor says they noticed something weird around your property (be it a potential burglar, or possible smoke), having to try and arrange for someone to check in when they don’t have a key?

Smart door locks are the solution to these problems, and a lot more (AirBnb hosts are increasingly using smart locks so they can remotely manage their properties). Smart locks use some clever technology to determine when you’re nearing your front door, and then they unlock it. They naturally have a bunch of safety features too, especially August who’s smart locks are well worth exploring:

Smart alarm and house security (including CO/smoke alarms)

The final product I wanted to explore is smart alarms and CO/smoke sensors. Gone are the days of paying $60/month to some expensive alarm monitoring system. Smart technology means that you can have a safe, effective alarm for a fraction of the overall cost.

Ring’s alarm system is the one that I’d recommend: you get a bunch of window/door and motion sensors (with the option to add more), and the system works over WiFi but with the option to have cellular backup and professional monitoring too (for $10/month).

This means that your alarm system will be reliable and robust. Plus you can add CO/smoke alarms, panic buttons and more to the Ring alarm system and these integrate seamlessly with each-other:

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A Ring Alarm keypad by the front door, with the dad activating it and the mum coming to get the two children.
The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a metal shelf.