Upside Down Ring Doorbell/Camera Image: How To Fix This

Using the ever-popular Ring cameras is usually a breeze. They conveniently keep an eye on our homes and businesses when we’re there, and even when we’re not there. Most of the time everything is great – but sometimes, issues do come up. 

Some Ring camera users have reported that the videos their cameras capture are upside down. Definitely not ideal! If you’ve run into this problem first you may wonder what’s causing this, and then, if it can be fixed. Fortunately, there are answers to both.

Key Points

  • Some Ring devices have an option in the app to flip the image 180°.
  • If you have not selected this option, your image might be upside down due to an install error.
  • Frustratingly, some Ring cameras allow you to mount them upside down, but the app then does not give an option in the app to flip the image 180°.

Overview: Ring Cameras & Video Doorbells

Ring is one of the top smart home device manufacturers today that makes some of the most widely used smart cameras and video doorbells. These devices come in a wide variety of options. Some are designed to be used indoors only, while others are weather resistant and thereby used for outdoor home monitoring.

There are Video Doorbells designed to let you see, hear, and speak to people at the door, all the way to Spotlight Cams that illuminate the darkest areas around your home.

A close up of the Ring Spotlight outdoor camera
A close-up of the Ring Spotlight outdoor camera

They’re also powered in different ways. Some devices have to be wired into existing electrical circuitry, such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Then others are battery-powered, like the Ring Stick-Up Cam. Still, others have to be plugged in.

Ring cameras are relatively easy to set up via the Ring app. Just follow the instructions on the box and you’ll be set up in no time! These cameras work with Wi-Fi, except for the PoE (Power over Ethernet) Elite devices. The Ring Doorbell Elite and Ring Stick-Up Cam Elite use an ethernet connection for the internet, as well as power.

Ring devices also work with smart home hubs such as Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung SmartThings so that you can include them in your smart home automations.

The Ring app is where you can customize all of your cameras’ settings, as well as view recordings. 

Now, let’s say you’re reviewing recordings, or looking at a Live View, and notice that your images are upside down. Unless you’re a bat, this is obviously quite a problem! So what’s happening and how can you remedy this?

Ring Images Upside Down – Why?

The reasons for Ring images being upside down vary, as do the fixes. These are some of the most common reasons for this not-so-common problem.

Camera Placement

One of the main reasons for upside-down camera footage is how the camera was mounted in the first place. Mounting your cameras incorrectly causes images to not be displayed as they should.

Upside Down Image on Ring Stick Up Cam
Upside Down Image on Ring Stick Up Cam

This can even happen by mistake, especially with cameras like the Floodlight Cams, whose camera housing can be rotated unintentionally.

To remedy this, you’ll have to mount your camera right-side up. When mounting your Ring camera, it’s a good idea to take your smart device out to where you’re mounting the device. While there, open Live View in the Ring app. This way, as you’re mounting the device, you can see how images will appear and adjust the camera accordingly.

Ring App Settings

Another reason for your camera images appearing upside down is because of settings in the Ring app. This applies to the Ring Indoor Cam in particular.

Go to the Device Settings of your Ring Indoor Cam, then to Video Settings.

Video Settings in Ring App
Video Settings in Ring App

On the Video Settings screen, you’ll find an option to rotate the image. If the camera image is upside down, toggling this setting (called “Rotate Video”) will allow your image to return to normal.

The Ring app offers a range of features including the ability to rotate video
The Ring app offers a range of features including the ability to rotate video

Thus far, the Ring Indoor Camera is the only camera that allows you to rotate the image in the app, so this reason is specific to this camera only.

This convenient option is available in case you mount the camera upside down on purpose but still want to see your images correctly. Ring supposedly had this feature for their other cameras as well, but unfortunately, they removed it some time ago.

Glitches/Software Bugs

Though rare, it’s not impossible for a glitch to cause camera images to appear upside down, or even sideways. If a glitch is responsible, they’re usually fleeting – going away just as quickly as they came.

Remedying this usually just involves force closing and restarting the Ring app. You can even disrupt power to the camera itself by unplugging or removing the battery. Cameras wired into a junction box or doorbell wiring will be trickier, so it’s best to leave the power on those devices. Restarting the Ring app usually fixes any temporary glitches with displays.

Now, what if you want your camera’s footage flipped, but there’s no option in the Ring app? What now?

If none of the above fixes helps, and your camera’s image is still upside down, it may be time to reach out to Ring.

Can You Mount Ring Cameras Upside Down?

Front view of the Ring Indoor Cam in recording mode as shown by the blue light
Front view of the Ring Indoor Cam.

Most Ring cameras are designed to sit right side up. In fact, the only camera that can be easily mounted upside down is the Ring Indoor Cam. This is because of the option in the Ring app to rotate the image.

It’s to be noted, however, that even the Ring Indoor Cam has limitations. The image can only be rotated 180 degrees. That means, if you want the camera to be mounted sideways, for example, you’ll be faced with a sideways view. There’s no option to rotate the camera only 90 degrees.

Ring most likely removed the option to rotate images on their outdoor cams in order to discourage mounting the camera upside down. Mounting outdoor cameras upside down could have negative effects on their being weatherproof. Rain could seep into important internal workings, causing malfunctions.

But now, what if you still need alternative ways to mount your cameras? How do you do this without having an upside-down image?

Ways to Flip Ring Camera Image

On their website, Ring sells mounts for their Stick-Up Cams and Spotlight Cams. These mounts are designed to help you mount your cameras on your ceiling, while still keeping them right side up:

The Stick Up Cam mount allows the camera to sit right side up, while the mount itself flips around and attaches to the ceiling. The mount for the Spotlight Cam functions similarly. This mount allows the camera to sit right side up while attaching to ceilings, or even the eaves of roofs.

Now, in terms of Floodlight Cams, placing them upside down can be a little awkward. The large lights on the side of the camera can create the need for some creativity in placing the cameras. Fortunately, there is a way.

Let’s say that the lights of the camera wouldn’t fit under the eaves of your roof. You can actually rotate the housing of the camera so that the lights sit lower, instead of higher. You’ll do this by loosening the ball joint on the back of the camera mount.

Ring Floodlight Cam ball mount moves freely when loosened
Ring Floodlight Cam ball mount moves freely when loosened

Once you do this, you can swivel the camera around so that it sits upright, while the actual lights sit lower.

Perhaps in the future, Ring will hear the cries of their customers and re-introduce the ability to rotate images in the app for at least more of their cameras. Until then, Ring users will have to get a bit more, creative.

Smart Cameras That Offer Image Rotation

If placing your Ring cameras right side up is more of a challenge than you’d like, you may decide that Ring isn’t for you. But if Ring doesn’t offer image rotation in the app (save for one or two cameras), are there smart cameras that do?

It’s a mixed bag as to which smart cameras do offer this feature, and which don’t. For example, like Ring, Eufy also doesn’t allow camera image rotation.

Fortunately, all is not lost. There are a few smart cameras that do offer the coveted rotate image option.


Wyze is one of the first that comes to mind.

Wyze Cam v3
Wyze Cam v3

They are also one of Ring’s top competitors. These small, affordable cameras don’t come in as wide a variety as Ring cameras. However, if all you need is a simple camera for the inside or outside of your home, Wyze has you covered. 

Their indoor cameras have to be plugged in, while the Outdoor cameras use rechargeable batteries. 

To flip the Wyze image, you’d first go into the Wyze app, then select the particular camera you’re trying to control. In Advanced Settings, you’ll see an option to toggle a button for “Rotate image 180 degrees”.

Wyze Advanced Settings microSD Card
Wyze Advanced Settings Showing Rotate Image 180 degrees

Using this you can turn your image upside down if you need to mount a camera upside down.


Arlo is another smart camera company that allows you to rotate camera images.

Marketing image showing the body of the Arlo Pro 3 camera
The Arlo Pro 3 camera

Much like Wyze, you also have the option to flip the camera image 180 degrees. You’d go into the Arlo app, then to the Settings of the camera whose image you’re trying to change. From there, you’ll go into Video Settings, where you’ll find the image rotation option.

Google Nest

Google Nest also offers the same option for their cameras.

Marketing image of the Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.
The Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

You can go into the Nest app, choose the camera you’re trying to control, then go to Settings. There you’ll find the option to Rotate Image, which will rotate the image 180 degrees.

Flipping Out

An upside-down camera image is no good for home security! The root cause of a flipped image in Ring is usually due to camera placement error. However, sometimes you may need that camera image flipped, but Ring doesn’t offer that option for most of their cameras. Now what?

Not to worry, there are a few workarounds to place your cameras the way you need to. And if all else fails, there are other brands of smart cameras that allow you to rotate the camera image. This way you can monitor your home, right-side up.

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