Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (Everything You Need To Know)

The Ring’s latest Stick Up Cam is a fascinating mid-tier unit. One notable thing about the camera is that it is battery-operated, hence the name.

Unlike the Ring’s rectangular video doorbells, Ring made wise design changes to the Stick Up Cam Battery to set it apart from its predecessors. It is quite interesting to look at—like it is a video doorbell with a white cylindrical body and given a new mounting stand.

But is there more to this camera? Continue reading as we outline everything you need to know about the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery.

Key Points

  • Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is a battery-powe­red, wireless surve­illance camera suited for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Setting up the camera is pretty straightforward through the Ring Home App.
  • Above all, the camera offers good video quality, night vision, and two-way audio.
  • It also integrates with Alexa and Google Home for a reliable, hands-free experience.
  • However, you require a Ring Protect subscription for advanced features such as cloud storage and video playback history.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery: What You Should Know About the Design

What You Should Know About the Design

The first thing you’ll notice about Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is how it looks more like a security camera than a repurposed video doorbell. That is, it has a white cylindrical shape­ with a black rectangle that houses the le­ns and a base with a retractable stand.

As far as commonalities go, the Ring Stick Up Cam is battery-operated and isn’t tethered by a cord or cable. Plus, it’s a cylinder that’s a touch smaller than a beer can.

After charging the battery, you can place this camera just about anywhere your Wi-Fi network can reach; it fits nicely under awnings, over cribs, or atop shelves.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery: About Its Rechargeable Batteries

You see, the Stick Up Cam runs on rechargeable batteries. The good news is you won’t ever have to go to the store to buy new ones, as these batteries may last six to twelve months on a full charge.

However, even though Ring says the Stick Up Cam Battery can last for months between recharging, let’s be real; even if it does, it will depend on how you use the camera.

For instance, the battery will drain faster if you are constantly recording clips and have the motion detection set to high sensitivity. Also, the battery will drain much quicker if you place it outside in the cold than when placed in mild weather.

How to Charge the Batteries

By the way, it takes five to ten hours to recharge the batteries. Of course, there is no outlet on the outside of the camera to charge the battery, so you’ll have to remove them for this purpose.

Removing the batteries for recharging is quite easy. Simply pull out the small twist-off cap at the base of the camera to release the batteries. Each battery has a small USB slot you plug into for charging.

For this new third generation, Ring has even thrown in an inexpensive solar panel capability that allows you to keep the battery perpetually topped off. So, if recharging is something you aren’t interested in doing, perhaps you should get the solar panel. It will save you the hustle of charging the camera and alleviate any concerns about battery life.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Performance

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Performance

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery motion detection works well, and motion alerts will arrive immediately after an event.

And speaking of performance, no matter what kind of climate you live in, the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery can weather any storm; no pun intended. With an IP X5 rating, it can handle low-power water jets, making the camera weather-resistant.

On top of that, it operates in e­xtremely frigid conditions down to -5 degre­es Fahrenheit (-20.56 °C) and heat reaching up to 122 Fahre­nheit (50 °C). This wide temperature range is especially advantageous if you’re using the camera outside. However, there is more to its performance than meets the eye, as we’ll discuss further in the section below.

1. Video Quality

It is always nice to plug in a camera with good video quality. The Ring Stick Up Cam has a promised 1080p HD resolution and a 130-degree field of view. You can take in everything going on inside or outside your home.

While this is true, it has been a concern that sometimes when installed indoors, images can show up shadowed in the frame. But you can fix this by installing it in a well-lit room.

Compared to the indoor image quality, things are much clearer when installed outside. Even videos show sharp detail and good color quality with no noticeable barrel or pincushion distortion. The camera maintains its recorded video quality not just with subjects close to the lens but with distant objects as well.

2. Night Vision

At night, the Stick Up Cam uses infrared night vision technology to capture crisp images and video footage. The video is certainly of high enough quality to help you monitor what is going on around your property. This is obviously key for a security camera, as many burglaries happen at night.

Even though the camera boasts quality Color Night Vision, the video displays some graininess, but it is relatively minimal. Other than that, you can clearly make out facial features and even read lettering from a distance. 

3. Audio Detection

Another great feature of the Ring Stick Up Cam is the audio quality. Ring did a good job of detecting a reasonable amount of relevant audio, like loud conversations, pets, etc.

The audio is very clear, and we found it is just like talking on the phone. Its microphone­ cancels out loud background noises around you, making it easier to hear what’s being said.

Another part we like when it comes to the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is the two-way audio. From the live view, you can speak to people through your camera from wherever you are.

Generally, two-way audio is perfect if you want to inte­ract with loved ones while you are still at work. Similarly, it could also come in handy for pe­t owners who want to check on their furry friends at home.

4. Smart Home Integration

We love how the camera integrates with Alexa, and you can use select Alexa devices, such as the Amazon Echo, to give voice commands. It is a nifty little feature if, say, the camera detects motion and sends you an alert but you want to view footage on a bigger screen than your smartphone.

If we haven’t mentioned it already, this camera also integrates with Google Home, which is definitely a feature that most Ring users have found pretty handy.

Completely hands-free, you’ll be able to tell Alexa or the Google Assistant to perform a specific action, such as playing back videos, showing the view from specific cameras, or turning on motion alerts.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Home App

Anyone who owns a Ring gear knows that the Ring Home App often shines where other camera makers do not. Fortunately, the Stick Up Cam Battery uses the same app as all other Ring products.

The Ring App is designed to provide remote access to your camera whether you are home or away. On the app’s dashboard, you can view the list of all the various cameras connected to your account. The app is good like that — It is where you can record motion, view cloud storage, check the battery life, view live footage, change camera settings, and more.

Additionally, the app is responsive, and so long as the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is active, it will send a push notification to your smartphone if it detects motion.

While this is the case, the app has had its ups and downs, such as the app just getting disconnected out of nowhere. However, after Ring made several improvements, many Ring users now have no issues using it.

How to Set Up Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Setting up this camera is super simple, and it all starts with the Ring App. You will have to create an account and get the app up and running before your camera starts doing anything.

To set up the Stick Up Cam, begin by installing the Ring App on your smartphone or other device. If you do not already have it, create an account. While on the app’s dashboard, go to “Set Up A Device” and click “Security Cams”.

The next step would be to hold up your phone, select “I’m Ready To Scan” and scan the QR code on the battery compartment (You can also find this code on the Quick Setup sheet). Now, follow the app prompts to finish the setup process.

Scan the QR code on your Ring product

Once you get here, install the battery and verify that the camera is powered up. Wait a little bit for the­ blue LED light to begin blinking and then follow the prompts to connect your camera to your Wi-Fi network. With some­ simple changes to the motion de­tection settings, your camera is now ready for use­.

Note: Be sure to charge the battery before getting started with the setup process.

How To Install Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Setting up home­ security cameras isn’t as complex anymore­, but because the Ring Stick Up Cam stands out with its batteries, it is even easier to install than most. You can install it indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference.

Within the box, the camera comes with mounting hardware, which consists of some wall anchors and a few small screws.

The Ring Stick Up Cam has three mounting holes; two on the back and one on the bottom. With this, you get the versatility to mount the camera either on the wall or flat surfaces. For instance, when not mounting the camera to a wall, you can simply mount it on a counter or shelf.

Subscriptions and Pricing

While the Stick Up Cam is only a security device, it isn’t easy to ignore the fact that it doesn’t include free cloud storage. For this reason, you’ll have to pay for a Ring Protect (cloud storage) plan.

So, what happens if you do not plan on investing in Ring Protect? You basically have a camera capable of sending alerts whenever it detects motions but is unable to view playback history or save videos to your device.

On the bright side, Ring offers some of the most affordable cloud storage plans. These include:

  • Ring Protect Basic: For as low as $4.99 per month, you get to record and download videos, share clips, video history, 180 days of cloud storage, and more.
  • Ring Protect Plus: This plan costs $10 per month and includes all the benefits you get with the basic plan. The catch is that the subscription covers all the Ring home devices you have in one location.
  • Ring Protect Pro: At only $20 per month, you get all the benefits of Protect Plus with 24/7 Alarm professional monitoring.

Curious about smart cameras that offer 24/7 continuous recording? Find everything you need to know in this comprehensive article.

Is This Camera Really Worth It?

This third-generation Stick Up Cam is solid, much more affordable, and reliable than other Ring video doorbells. The portability offered with the camera is only as powerful as your home network—you can use it indoors or outdoors and mount it pretty much anywhere.

Within the Ring’s portfolio, the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is by far the product that most clearly benefits from the addition of IP X5-rated long-lasting batteries. This camera’s live feed is also crisp, and alerts arrive quickly after a motion event.

But you should know that getting advanced recording features and adding cloud storage requires a Ring Protect subscription plan. All in all, it is a great choice if you are on the hunt for a dependable outdoor camera at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Record Video?

Yes. The Ring Stick Up Cam Batte­ry captures photos and records videos. It begins re­cording instantly upon detecting motion or when you manually activate­ Live View. Howeve­r, to unlock additional video recording capabilities and acce­ss cloud storage, you may need to subscribe to the Ring Protect plan.

Can Ring Stick Up Cam See at Night?

The Ring Stick Up Cam can work both day and night, indoors and outdoors, to beef up the security around your home. The camera features night vision,1080p full HD resolution, two-way audio, wide viewing angle, and multiple power options.

How Long Do Ring Camera Batteries Take to Fully Charge?

Normally, the duration to fully charge Ring camera batteries typically range­s from 5 hours on the shorter end to 10 hours maximum. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the charging time frame depends on both the spe­cific charging method employed and the particular mode­l of the Ring camera itself.

Charging using a standard USB cable connected to a power source may take longer. However, a wall adapter might speed up the charging process.

How Long Will a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Last?

A Ring Stick Up Cam battery can last six to twelve months on a full charge. However, just like any other battery, the Stick Cam battery life will depend on your running features and settings. For instance, the battery will drain faster if you are constantly recording videos and using a high motion detection sensitivity.

Bottom Line

Ring does not make the most sophisticated outdoor or indoor security cameras, but the Stick Up Cam Battery packs a lot of value.

Of course, as you’d have expected, it is an all-around decent camera with superb video and audio quality, two-way audio, and infrared night vision. Motion detection works well and both day and night videos look crisp, as do Alexa and Google Home integrations.

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