Can Someone Easily Steal My Eufy Camera?

As security camera experts, we understand why protecting your camera from theft is important. It is not just about protecting your loved ones and property; it is also about protecting your investment.

While Eufy cameras can still be stolen, the brand does offer some level of theft protection for their devices. For instance, the cameras have an accelerometer, which detects and sounds an alarm if there is any forcible movement of your Eufy Cam.

Other than that, there are tricks to help keep your outdoor security cameras from theft, as you’ll find in this article. Keep reading!

Key Points

  • Your Eufy camera is susceptible to theft, just like any other valuable possession.
  • To avoid such situations, it remains impe­rative that you enact protective­ measures to protect your came­ra from falling into the wrong hands.
  • The first step is always to install the camera securely in a safe location.
  • Increasing your motion detection settings, using vandal-proof systems, setting dummy cameras, and adding warning signs can also make it difficult for someone to steal your camera.

Can Someone Easily Steal My Eufy Camera?

Yes, Eufy cameras can be stolen just like any other priceless item. They are often targeted by thieves due to their high resale value or by those who want to retrieve footage that could potentially expose their identity when they engage in criminal activities.

Over the years, Eufy has improved its cameras’ anti-theft protection system to ensure no downtime due to theft. The cameras have an accelerometer, which detects any forcible movement of your EufyCam. Each camera also has a unique serial number, which you can use for tracing in case of theft.

Even so, if someone goes up to your Eufy camera, it is going to be an easy steal if they simply unscrew the mounting threads. It is here that Eufy faces a challenge—they can’t make it too challenging to take the cameras down. Of course, the alarm will go off on the camera and Homebase, but that’s about it!

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10 Ways to Keep Your Eufy Camera From Being Stolen

Although Eufy cameras may be vulnerable to theft, implementing basic security measures can go a long way in keeping your premises safe.

From choosing strategic installation locations to using anti-theft devices, here are the best practices to protect Eufy security cameras from thieves and burglars.

1. Check Your Motion Detection Settings

Motion detection is one of the most effective ways to protect your Eufy security camera from theft. Motion Detection monitors the situation from your camera’s live view and then pushes notifications to your smartphone if it detects moving objects. You’ll get an alert immediately if an intruder enters your property without permission.

Eufy camera’s motion detection sensitivity is set at level 4 by default. If you think the detection distance is too short or has missed certain events at some point, you can increase it through the Eufy Security App.

To adjust the sensitivity level, launch the Eufy App and select the Devices tab. Next, choose Camera Settings and click on “Motion Detection”. Go to the Detection Sensitivity and

turn it up to your desired level.

Check Your Motion Detection Settings

It is advisable to increase the sensitivity by a small margin if you do not wish to get false alarms from your device. You can also change the All Motions settings to Human Only Setting. This ensures you get motion detection notifications only when your camera detects human motion.

Human Only

2. Place Cameras Out of Reach

Place Cameras Out of Reach

This may seem like a basic tactic, but mounting your camera high up from people’s sight makes it more difficult for thieves or criminals to reach and tamper with it. This includes places such as poles, the roof, or upper parts of your home or property.

Placing the camera preferably at 8–10 feet above the ground is a good starting point, but this can vary depending on your location’s susceptibility to lighting. With this setup, you can monitor all activities occurring within and around your property when it matters most.

When mounting Eufy cameras high up, you’ll need either pole or wall mounts to position your camera. These installation methods usually depend on specialized brackets and hardware designed for outdoor use, so it would help if you check compatibility before making any purchases.

3. Install Them in Discrete Locations

Install Eufy Camera in Discrete Locations

It is a good idea to strategically position your Eufy camera in a location where it isn’t easily noticed at first glance but is, nevertheless, visible enough to deter bad actors who are looking to steal it.

You can use camouflage techniques to ensure the camera blends into its surroundings e­ffortlessly. This can include using covers that mimic natural elements like branches or painting the camera in colors that match nearby objects.

Another effective method to hide your camera is disguising it as everyday household items like clocks or smoke detectors to make them less conspicuous. You can also install them behind bushes, underneath eaves, behind shelves, or near birdhouses—the possibilities are endless.

Important Note: If you are hiding the camera around your premises, ensure your employees are aware of the hidden camera, especially if you are using it to crack down on issues like workplace vandalism or theft.

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4. Place Cameras in Well-Lit Areas

Place Cameras in Well-Lit Areas

The impact of natural lighting on the camera cannot be overstated. Not only does it help your camera to capture clearer footage, but it is also effective in deterring potential burglars.

Placing your camera in well-lit areas makes it difficult for most thieves to steal it without getting noticed. Besides, if thieves know their movements are being monitored, they are less likely to attempt to approach or tamper with them.

Additionally, consider installing motion-activated lights near your Eufy Camera. The lights will turn on if someone approaches the camera and even increase visibility in and around your property so that your camera won’t miss a beat.

5. DIY Protection Box & Locks

UYODM AntiTheft Camera Mount Cage and Wall Mount Bracket Compatible with Blink Outdoor,Blink Mini,Blink XT2/XT, Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen)/(3rd Gen) XT3, YI Camera,Wyze Outdoor,eufycam, Nest Camera

Some homeowners prefer making a box with wire fencing and putting it around the camera so that it will not be easier for someone to steal or damage it.

There are also after market protection boxes made of metal designed to protect security cameras from vandalism, theft, and weather damage. These boxes come with locks, and any thief would require a key to open them.

The only downside with this method is that the wire fencing that the box is made of may obscure the camera viewing if you do not install the box properly.

6. Use Decoy Cameras

One of the simple tricks that most Eufy Camera users find successful in keeping their device from theft is hiding the real camera behind a fake one. The dummy camera can act as a deterrent to confuse potential vandals or thieves. As they keep their focus on neutralizing the decoy camera, the real one will monitor everything.

Also, see it this way: when thieves come to steal the camera, they will steal the fake one. Since fake cameras are much less expensive than real ones, you will be saving your investment.

7. Add Warning Signs And Stickers

Add Warning Signs And Stickers

Not to mention, adding display signs indicating that your property area is under surveillance serves as a reliable visual warning sign of a home invasion.

Consider placing stickers on doors and windows that tell potential criminals that your property is under surveillance. Additionally, you could post warning signs highlighting the repe­rcussions of unauthorized entry or loitering ne­ar your property boundaries.

8. Use Vandal-Resistant Housing & Screws

M2 Button Head Tamper Resistant Security Screws,Stainless Steel,Full Thread,Riight Hand, Pin-in-Star Drive,PK 100 (M2 x 4mm)

You might want to consider safe­guarding your camera with vandal-resistant housing. These­ housings are crafted from robust materials such as re­inforced plastic and heavy-duty metal, making it challe­nging for thieves to break through.

While at it, remembe­r to use tamper-proof screws when setting the camera for adde­d security. Since these screws resist removal, they require special tools or knowledge to unscrew. Burglars may find it hard to deal with such complexities.

Remember that using several screws instead of just one will further increase their effectiveness in preventing theft. Also, ensure you screw heads flush with the camera housing such that intruders can not easily grip them using pliers or other tools.

9. Use a Wireless Security Camera System

eufy Security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System, 365-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, HD 1080p, IP67 Weatherproof, Night Vision, 2-Cam Kit, No Monthly Fee

Have you ever wondered how burglars know that there is a security camera installed and monitoring them? They know from the wires connecting the camera to power and other devices.

If you are using a wired Eufy Camera, you need to ensure the cables are either buried or protected in conduit to make it difficult for thieves to access the camera. Otherwise, investing in a wireless Eufy camera is the safest option for keeping your surveillance equipment safe.

Using wireless Eufy cameras eliminates the need for pesky wires. This means no more electrical cords to worry about or vulnerable connections that thieves could easily cut and disconnect your cameras.

10. Hire Professional Installation Services

Professional installation services have experience and skills in the installation process, so they can help you get the most protection for your Eufy camera. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional installer for your Eufy camera.

  • Professionals can determine where to position the camera to minimize blind spots and maximize coverage.
  • A professional has the experience and expertise needed to install your Eufy camera correctly and securely.
  • They ensure that all wirings are hidden from view and properly secured.
  • You do not have to worry about any DIY mishaps or equipment failures down the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if Someone Steals Your Eufy Camera?

If someone steals your Eufy Camera, they can not access your videos without the correct account information. Your data is usually encrypted with the user’s account and then stored on local storage. However, you should always file a police report as soon as you know your equipment has been stolen.

Can Anyone Access Your Eufy Camera?

Only you can access your Eufy camera unless you give your Security account details to someone else. Eufy prioritizes security and ensures all videos are locally stored and protected with AES encryptions on your device.
Therefore, you have complete control over who has access to recordings and the live video stream. You can always give access to other users through the Eufy App under your camera settings.

Can Someone Hack My Eufy Camera?

It is quite unlikely that someone could hack your Eufy Camera due to its military-grade encryption. However, under certain circumstances, someone can still hack your system and gain remote control without authorization.
You can always prevent this from happening by establishing a robust password, ideally consisting of at least 12 characters. For adde­d security, enabling encryption on your router can enhance network protection and deter unauthorized access attempts.

Does Eufy Have Theft Protection?

Eufy has anti-theft protection on its cameras. The cameras come equipped with an accelerometer that detects any forcible movement of your EufyCam. Once it detects such movement, a 100-decibel siren will sound, alerting you and deterring potential thieves.

Bottom Line

One of the reasons why Eufy cameras are easy to steal is because they can effortlessly be removed from their mounting brackets. By following these tips and considering professional installation services, you can ensure that your Eufy camera remains in place and secure from burglars. Remember always to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to protect your surveillance system.

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