SwitchBot Cloud Service Not Working (Or Greyed Out)

The SwitchBot ecosystem is generally a reliable home automation system – you know how convenient it can be.

But sometimes things go wrong; I’ve faced the issue of the SwitchBot Cloud Service not working, and it’s pretty frustrating. 

Key Takeaway:

When the SwitchBot Cloud Service isn’t working, or the options are greyed out, it could be due to outdated software, connectivity failures, battery issues, or software bugs.

Fix this by updating the SwitchBot app, upgrading the device and Hub firmware, adjusting device proximity to the Hub, or verifying Hub connectivity. If the problem still persists, it’s best to reach out to SwitchBot support.

How to Fix SwitchBot Cloud Service Not Working

SwitchBot Cloud Service Not Working

To fix the SwitchBot Cloud Service not working, the solution is often as simple as updating your SwitchBot app, upgrading the device firmware, or moving the device closer to the Hub. In some cases, contacting support may be necessary. 

Why is this cloud issue even happening, you ask? It might be something as simple as outdated software, a hardware malfunction, or just a random glitch. Let’s move on to troubleshooting the SwitchBot Cloud Service. 

Detailed Breakdown of SwitchBot Cloud Service Offline Issue

updating your SwitchBot app

1. Identifying the Issue: Symptoms and Causes

First, you should try to find the exact issue, or the reason behind it, as that’ll help point to the necessary fix. Here are some general symptoms that point to a Cloud Service issue: 

  • Unable to Control Devices Remotely: If you can’t control your SwitchBot devices from your app when you’re outside the home (or not connected to your home network), it’s a clear sign that the Cloud Service is offline.
  • Greyed-Out Options in the App: Seeing options in the app that are greyed out and unselectable may indicate a connectivity problem with the SwitchBot Cloud Service.
  • Error Messages: You might receive error messages like “unknown error 190” or other codes (161) that signal the SwitchBot Cloud Service is not functioning properly.
  • Syncing Issues: If your SwitchBots are not syncing with each other or with other integrated smart home systems like Alexa, it might be due to the Cloud Service being offline.
Unable to Control Devices Remotely

So why do these problems happen? Here’s a rundown of the most common potential causes:

Connectivity Issues
  • Connectivity Issues: Problems with the SwitchBot Hub, Bluetooth, or your Wi-Fi connection can lead to the Cloud Service going offline. 
  • Outdated Apps or Firmware: Running an old version of the SwitchBot app or device firmware can cause issues with the Cloud Service.
  • Battery Problems: If your SwitchBot device’s battery is low or dead, it may fail to connect to the Cloud Service.
  • Glitches and Bugs: Occasionally, software glitches or bugs may interfere with the Cloud Service, causing it to go offline or grey out certain options, but these are often temporary and can resolve themselves. 

2. Solutions and Troubleshooting

To solve your SwitchBot Cloud Service not working, try following these steps in order. 

1. Update SwitchBot App

Update SwitchBot App
Update SwitchBot App

Keeping your app updated is essential for a smooth experience. If you’re facing the cloud offline issue, this might be your fix:

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Search for the SwitchBot app.
  • If there’s an update available, tap the “Update” button.

Open the app, swipe down to ‘Refresh’ a few times, and see if the issue is solved now. 

2. Upgrade SwitchBot Device and Hub Firmware

Upgrade SwitchBot Device and Hub Firmware

Old firmware can also cause connectivity issues. To update it:

  • Open the SwitchBot app.
  • Navigate to the device you want to update.
  • Tap on the gear icon for “Settings” and then “Firmware & Battery”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
  • Try adding fresh batteries to the device after this. 

Make sure your Hub is also updated to the latest firmware; this is a common cause of this issue. 

You can test by switching off the WiFi on your phone, then connect to your mobile data, and see if you can control your SwitchBot devices now. 

3. Check SwitchBot Hub Connectivity

Check SwitchBot Hub Connectivity

If you have a Hub, it’s what connects your SwitchBot device to the internet. Most Cloud Service issues are caused by some problem with the Hub:

  • Check if the Hub is plugged in and powered. Try powering it off for 10 minutes by disconnecting the cable, then turning it on. Make sure it’s powered by a 5V/2A USB adapter, and has enough power to run smoothly. 
  • Ensure the Hub is within range of your Wi-Fi network. Make sure it’s connected to the right 2.4GHz network, and doesn’t show any network errors. WiFi 6 and 5GHz networks aren’t supported by SwitchBot yet. 
  • Move the devices closer to the Hub. The Hub has a limited Bluetooth connection range, so if some devices are very far away (or have walls/obstacles in between), then try to bring them as close as possible (you can also move the Hub more centrally). 

Remember, besides the Hub 2 and Hub Mini, the SwitchBot Ceiling Light can also function as a kind of ‘hub’. So check that as well, if you’re using one. 

If you have multiple SwitchBot hubs, ensure that the device is connecting to the Hub closest to it. It’s likely to fail if it tries to connect to the farther Hub. 

Check if any of the devices connected to the Hub are functioning as normal. If none of them work, the Hub is more likely to be the issue. You may have to reset the Hub in this case, but you can also try contacting support first to see if they have any better suggestions. 

4. Contact SwitchBot Support

If all else fails and you’re still facing issues, don’t hesitate to contact SwitchBot Support. Their team is well-trained to assist with these specific problems, and they can guide you through additional troubleshooting steps or even replace a faulty device if the unit is within the warranty period.

The best way to contact SwitchBot’s support is by using the App. Navigate to Profile > Feedback > Select Device, and enter all your details. The advantage here is that much of your data and device specifics will automatically be sent to the support team. 

Mention all these troubleshooting steps you’ve already done, so the team can help you with more complex issues. You can also submit a help ticket online, or send them an email. 

Important Notes About SwitchBot Cloud Service Issue

  1. Error Codes: Sometimes, you may get an error code in your SwitchBot app. The ‘161’ error means the Hub is too far away and is unable to get a stable Bluetooth connection with the device. Bring the device closer in this case. Error 190 is unknown and can have multiple causes, so you should contact support. Replacing the battery can often help fix these. 
  2. In case of the SwitchBot Lock, some options are greyed out even if the Cloud Service is turned on, but you’re not in Bluetooth range of the Lock. This is a security measure, so you must be within range of the Lock for these greyed features to work.
  3. If you’re using any third-party integrations, try to turn them off and see if that resolves the issue. Sometimes these integrations don’t work due to glitches in the API, or incorrect configurations. 
  4. Sometimes the SwitchBot Cloud Service itself may be offline due to issues with their servers. There have been reports of outages now and then, so it’s best to check online if this is the case. These issues get fixed within a few hours. 


Can I use SwitchBot Cloud Service without a Hub?

No, you cannot use the SwitchBot Cloud Service without a Hub. This is because most SwitchBot devices are Bluetooth-only, and can’t connect to the internet on their own. The Hub acts as a bridge, enabling WiFi access for these devices and connecting them to the Cloud. 

Does SwitchBot Cloud Service come with any additional costs?

No, the SwitchBot Cloud Service generally does not have any additional cost, for most devices. You can connect and sync a number of devices with a Hub. However, some of the devices, like the SwitchBot Camera series, require you to purchase a subscription for more features.

Will changing my WiFi password affect my SwitchBot Cloud Service?

Yes, if you change your Wi-Fi details, you will likely need to reconfigure your SwitchBot devices, especially the Hub, to connect to your new network. Once reconnected, the Cloud Service should resume as usual.


As convenient as home automation systems like SwitchBot are, they can be very frustrating when we encounter issues like these. The key is to be patient and work your way through the simple troubleshooting steps, as I outlined above. 

I hope this guide helped you fix your problem quickly and without much hassle. But if you still face issues, it’s best to reach out to SwitchBot Support and let them know everything.

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