How To Stop Your Echo Show From Giving You Loads Of Ads

Three options for ads on Echo Show

Ads are everywhere! If they’re not on TV, they’re on buses, billboards, trains – even Hulu! It seems that someone is always trying to sell you something. And if you want to go ad-free with most streaming services, you have to pay a fee. Annoying to say the least! But these aren’t the only places … Read more

Echo Show Not Rotating Pictures (It Keeps Showing Same Pics Over and Over!)

Clock and Photo Display Settings on Echo Show

Many homes that have Amazon Echos often have an Echo Show as part of their Echo family. Like the classic Echo Dot, the Echo Show has a lot of extra benefits and features. One feature is the ability to have a rotating photo album on your Echo’s screen. You can take photos you love and … Read more

Here’s Why Amazon Echo & Alexa May Soon Be Subscription Only

A fake advert for Alexa Pro which covers up to 100 devices and 50 routines

You’ll own nothing, and be happy. World Economic Forum essay, 2016 Ah, subscription services. We all love them (…right?). We can now access thousands of TV shows from Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Hulu and more. We can also subscribe to receive skincare products, printer ink, regular meals, and even clean underwear! Okay, so subscriptions have gone … Read more

Can You Queue Music Up On Amazon Alexa/Echo? If Not, Are There Workarounds?

Add to Queue selection in Amazon Music App

One of the great things about having an Amazon Echo is being able to stream your favorite music while you’re…well, doing anything! From cooking to relaxing, to partying with your friends – music is always a great addition. So it stands to reason that you want your music to play continuously, without interruption. It would be … Read more

Amazon Echo: Transferring Music To Another Echo (Room to Room)

Echo Dot 3rd generation model, with a blue 'listening' ring after a voice command was issued.

It’s quite common to be listening to music on your Echo in one room, but you need to move to another room – and so you want to continue playing that song on the other room’s Echo. Google Home offer this with Stream Transfer, but what about Amazon? Amazon released a “transfer music” feature late … Read more

Fix Amazon Echo Show “The Camera Isn’t Responding” Errors

An Echo Show with the text This camera isnt responding

The biggest benefit of the Amazon Echo Show is that it can act as a central hub to control all of your smart devices. There are a few glitches that prevent the Echo Show from working as intended. Fixing the camera not responding error for Amazon Echo show starts with disabling the camera’s Alexa skill … Read more

Why Your Amazon Echo’s Volume Keeps Randomly Going Down

Whisper and Adaptive Volume Options in Alexa App

Picture it: you’re enjoying your favorite tunes as you clean the house, and then you notice your music getting lower and lower. Or you ask Alexa to give you the morning news, but her voice is barely audible, even though the last time you used your Echo it was beyond loud. What’s worst, this isn’t … Read more

Amazon Echo Keeps Connecting To The Wrong Wi-Fi Network (How To Delete The Old One)

Device Options on Echo Show10

Sometimes people have a hard time letting go of the past. Apparently, so do some Amazon Echos! Over the years, for one reason or another, we may have to change the Wi-Fi network or internet service provider (ISP) we use. In turn, of course, the Wi-Fi used with our Echos has to change as well. … Read more

Echo to Echo Calling: A How-To Guide

Communication and making a call in the Alexa app

The Amazon Echo is practically a household name. It’s often the staple smart home hub in smart homes around the world. They have a wide variety of helpful features for making your day-to-day life go smoothly. There are even some functions that people aren’t aware of. One such function is being able to alexa call … Read more