How To Stop Your Echo Show From Giving You Loads Of Ads

Three options for ads on Echo Show

Ads are everywhere! If they’re not on TV, they’re on buses, billboards, trains – even Hulu! It seems that someone is always trying to sell you something. And if you want to go ad-free with most streaming services, you have to pay a fee. Annoying to say the least! But these aren’t the only places … Read more

Echo Show Not Rotating Pictures (It Keeps Showing Same Pics Over and Over!)

Clock and Photo Display Settings on Echo Show

Many homes that have Amazon Echos often have an Echo Show as part of their Echo family. Like the classic Echo Dot, the Echo Show has a lot of extra benefits and features. One feature is the ability to have a rotating photo album on your Echo’s screen. You can take photos you love and … Read more

Fix Amazon Echo Show “The Camera Isn’t Responding” Errors

An Echo Show with the text This camera isnt responding

The biggest benefit of the Amazon Echo Show is that it can act as a central hub to control all of your smart devices. There are a few glitches that prevent the Echo Show from working as intended. Fixing the camera not responding error for Amazon Echo show starts with disabling the camera’s Alexa skill … Read more

Why Your Amazon Echo Has SSL Certificate Errors (& How To Fix)

An Echo Show showing the Wi Fi signal strength and other details

SSL certificates are one of the most important safety advances of the modern internet, but they also cause a lot of connection problems for smart technology. If your Amazon Echo show SSL certificate error, what should you do? The first thing you should do is update your Amazon Echo Show as well as your Wi-Fi … Read more

Newsletter (26th Aug 22): Smart Home News (& History’s Being Made!)

YouTube thumbail showing me partying with the text Hue Labs plus Alexa Routines equals PARTY

(This newsletter was sent on 26th August 2022, to the first 50 subscribers to our newly-launched newsletter.) Welcome to the FIRST EVER* Smart Home Point Newsletter (* Do you feel honored to be one of the first 50 subscribers?!) Today’s newsletter will be shorter-than-average – it is mainly a ‘hello’, and to say thanks for … Read more

How To Turn Off The Echo Show’s Screen At Night (Or When You’re Away)

The brightness slider adaptive brightness and sunrise effect options on an Echo Show 8

The Echo Show is a fun and useful device, but there are times when you want to dim or turn off the screens in your home. Thankfully this is often straightforward to do, and the gist is: You can turn off the Echo Show screen by using the “Alexa, turn off the screen” voice command … Read more

Can You Screen Mirror To Your Amazon Echo Show?

Screen Mirroring Option in iPad Menu

The Echo Show has proved useful time and again, and in so many ways. It’s a step up from the classic Echo Dot as well as other versions of the Echo. This is because the Show’s screen adds a world of possibilities for controlling the modern smart home. Of course, you can watch videos on … Read more

Echo Show Song Lyrics Not Showing Or Being Really Buggy

A song playing on an Amazon Echo Show with the Lyrics button at the bottom

Amazon Echo Show is a great piece of smart tech when it comes to listening to your favorite tunes, but what should you do if it’s being not-so-great when it comes to displaying lyrics? Lyrics might not be showing on your Amazon Echo Show because of a software bug that you can fix by resetting … Read more

Live View on Echo Show: Which Camera Has the Best Support?

Echo Show waiting for Wyze

Amazon’s Echo Show is a great tool for the smart home. Being able to see your echo show camera footage live on the Show is just one perk of having one. By connecting it to your smart cameras, you can see exactly what’s going on with each of your security camera. However, each brand of … Read more

Echo Show For Video Calls: Skype, Zoom and More

The Echo Show camera lens

The Echo Show product line packs a tech-punch in terms of features: The Echo Show 5 and the Echo Show 8 offer portability—and 2020’s Echo Show 10 is, more or less, a room-filling entertainment system. Whichever way you roll, you’ll find most of the features the Amazon Alexa platform has to offer. This said, the … Read more