Your Amazon Echo Show Has A Solid Orange Bar? How To Fix This

An Echo Show 8 with an orange line showing a connection error

It’s always tough when a new error light pops up on your favorite device. However, it gets even tougher when there is conflicting information about how to fix the problem. Let’s settle once and for all how you can fix the orange bar on an Amazon Echo Show. The solid orange bar on your Amazon … Read more

New Video – Funny Amazon Echo Easter Eggs (#shorts YouTube video)

Echo Show easter eggs - beat box - and me

A YouTube #shorts video covering some funny easter eggs that I’ve come across on my Amazon Echo Show (although they’ll work on all Echo devices), in less than a minute. Buy the Echo Show now on Amazon here. The easter eggs I cover on my Amazon Echo Show 8 device are: 0:00 Intro 0:06 Self … Read more

New Video – Four Amazon Echo Show Features That I Like (#shorts YouTube video)

Echo Show 8 front - powered on

A YouTube #shorts video covering four features that I like on the Amazon Echo Show in less than a minute. The four features I cover on my Amazon Echo Show 8 device are: 0:00 Intro 0:05 Trending topics and news 0:15 View smart cameras and doorbells 0:27 Calendar management 0:40 Firefox browser and YouTube 0:50 … Read more

New Video – Echo Show Light Control: Kinda Useful, But Key Features Missing

YouTube thumbnail showing an Echo Show in the foreground, table lamp in the background and the text "So near and yet so far..." overlaid.

The touchscreen on the Echo Show allows you to control your smart light bulbs from the “Smart Home” menu, which is fairly useful if you want to quickly control your smart lights through your Amazon Echo device, but it’s also limited as it’s missing some key features that mean you have to resort back to … Read more

Echo Show Calendar Guide: All You Need To Know

Echo Show calendar home card, showing tomorrow's upcoming event of "Create an amazing businesss"!

I’m one of those people who like to organize everything via their calendar. I need to ring a company up? Put it in the calendar (otherwise I’ll totally forget!). My wife asks me to hang something on a wall? I put it in the calendar… but probably still forget to do it! But either way, … Read more