Does GE Own Enbrighten? Plus Who’s “Jasco”?

The Jasco website showing their Enbrighten product range

We bet you’ve seen the GE Enbrighten smart switches around. You might even own some, but do you know who makes them? What most people don’t know is that General Electric does not make these smart switches. It’s always important to know the company behind your smart products. This gives you a sense of their … Read more

Do I Really Need To Use GE Add-On Switches For GE Smart Switch?

GE Enbrighten Add on Switch box

We’re always exploring new products when we want to make the most of our smart home. It can be hard to tell if a new smart product is worth the money or not. We put this article together to give you an in-depth introduction into the GE Add-On Switch and whether or not you should … Read more

Does GE Enbrighten (ZigBee or Z-Wave) work with Alexa?

GE enbrighten Z-Wave smart fan speed controller

GE Enbrighten makes some of the best and most versatile smart home products out there. They make their devices for both ZigBee and Z-Wave connection types which allows them to slot into the majority of smart home ecosystems. However, this does raise some questions about whether or not they can work with Alexa. Well, the … Read more