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YouTube thumbnail showing me asleep, with a Google Nest Mini and the text "Fix 10+ minute news updates!"

New Video – Google Nest Home News – How To Make It Less… Boring!

So… I recently asked my Google Nest Mini device for a news update, and it went on (and on and on…) for over 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! Luckily I have…

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YouTube thumbnail showing me looking confused, and the text "Google Home = CONFUSING!" on it.

New Video – What Exactly Does “Google Home” Mean?!? (Why So Confusing, Google?)

I was recently filming for another YouTube video, and I realized that I kept saying “Google Home” but I hadn’t discussed how “Google Home” can actually mean four different things….

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A Google Home Mini device placed on a wooden shelving unit

Google Nest ‘Drop In’ Support (And What To Do Instead)

The Google Home range – which includes various Nest smart speakers and hubs including the ‘Mini’ devices – is a line of products known as ‘smart voice assistants’, and they…

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A phone screenshot from my Google Home app's "Downtime" feature, explaining what it does (including that alarms and timers will still be heard).

Google Home Downtime: What, Why… and How To Turn It Off!

“Digital wellbeing” is an idea that appeared a few years ago, and it aims to address addiction to digital technology – such as social media and computer games – by…

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Google WiFi System placed on a table

Does Google Home Act As A WiFi Extender?

Google’s range of smart speakers – the Google Home range – are great: they provide a large number of benefits and features for free, and you can also play loads…

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A Google Home Mini device placed on a wooden shelving unit

Does Google Home (And The Google Home App) Cost Money?

Google’s range of smart speakers – the Google Home range – are a rival to Amazon’s Echo range. Google Home devices (including the Google Mini and Nest Mini) give weather…

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Screenshot taken of the desktop view of Home Assistant's demo.

Managing LOTS Of Smart Home Devices (App Vs Smart Hub Vs ?)

When you have dozens (or even hundreds) of smart home devices – from smart speakers to smart bulbs, and smart plugs to cameras – you might be struggling to manage…

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The Google Nest Mini (2nd generation) on a table, processing the command "Ok Google, play Skies and Shadows"

Can Google Home Read Emails And Text Messages?

Google’s smart voice assistant – the ‘Home’ range – is great. It can play music, search (and read back) the internet, read your calendar entries, and a whole lot more….

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A Google Nest Mini on top of a fox cushion.

New Video – 15 Relaxing Google Home Sleep Sounds (Free, No Subscription Required)

I am a big fan of using white noise and relaxation noises as a sleep aid, and so I wanted to shoot a quick video to showcase the 15 different…

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The Nest app on the left, and the Google Home app on the right.

Can We Add Nest Protect To The Google Home App Yet?

If you search for “Nest Protect” – the smart smoke and CO alarm – you’ll be greeted with Google’s logo and the words “Google Nest”. It’s clearly a Google smart…

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