Can I Use Alexa Instead of Hive Hub?

The Hive Hub

No one likes a lot of clutter – unless of course, you’re one of those hoarder folks. But in general, most people don’t like clutter or extra, unnecessary stuff. This includes extra tech. We all want our smart homes to be streamlined, well-oiled machines as it were, and don’t want to deal with things that … Read more

Can You Control Hive From Abroad?

Marketing for the Hive Home mobile app showing the smart thermostat controls

In the world of smart home manufacturers, companies such as Ring, Wyze, and Google Nest, just to name a few, often receive the most recognition. However, there are others who may not be as popular, who are just as notable. One such brand is Hive.  Hive is a trademark company owned by Centrica Hive Limited … Read more