Philips Hue Motion Sensor Battery Guide: All You Need To Know

My Philips Hue motion sensor in its box

The Philips Hue Motion sensor is a really useful tool because it’ll quickly turn on your lights when it detects someone approaching. However if the battery has any issues, your motion sensor may not work as expected. So I wanted to write this guide to talk through everything you need to know about this useful … Read more

Hue Smart Button: Battery Draining Quickly (How To Replace Or Fix)

A Philips Hue Smart Button with a green or orange LED light flashing

The Hue Smart Button is a unique little device that adds a lot of utility in a very small package. However, it has a lot of bad press when it comes to its battery life. The Hue Smart Button has a few flaws that cause it to drain batteries in a matter of days. You … Read more

When Philips Hue’s Motion Sensors Don’t Work: How To Fix!

My Philips Hue motion sensor in its box

Whether you’ve just setup your Philips Hue motion sensor and it’s not working as expected, or perhaps it’s worked for years but it’s now acting up, the issue is usually easy to fix and diagnose. Hence I wanted to write this guide to cover everything you need to know to get your Hue motion sensor … Read more

How To Fix The Red Light On A Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (9 Solutions)

Philips Hue dimmer switch showing a red (error) light

The Philips Hue dimmer switch is great: it acts as a physical remote, allowing you to seamlessly control your smart bulbs (turning them on/off, changing their brightness, and changing between scenes). However sometimes it will refuse to work, instead showing a red ‘error’ light in the top left when you press one of the buttons. … Read more

Philips Hue Motion Sensor Light Information

My Philips Hue motion sensor in setup mode

Hue motion sensors are some of the most useful smart home devices out there. They allow you to have your lights turn on and off automatically. They can also be used for more advanced applications and home automation. These motion sensors also let you know when something’s going wrong. There’s an LED indicator on the … Read more

How To Reset The Philips Hue Motion Sensor

Back of the Philips Hue Motion Sensor

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor is a versatile tool in your smart home ecosystem. These motion sensors allow you to go from app-controlled lighting to a truly smart system that responds to your needs and does the work for you.  Motion sensors have been established in lighting for decades, and they run on very simple … Read more

Using Your Philips Hue Dimmer Switch With Alexa – Is It Possible?

Philips Hue dimmer switch showing a red (error) light

The goal of most smart home owners is to get their homes to operate seamlessly and achieve interoperability with all of their smart devices. With the introduction of smart home hubs such as Amazon’s Echo, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit, just to name a few, this goal of interoperability seemed to become a reality. However, … Read more

Does The Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Allow Lux (Daylight) Control?

The Daylight Sensitivity option on a Hue indoor motion sensor from the Hue app

Lux values, brightness sensitivity, and daylight control all refer to the same setting in your smart motion detectors. This setting is where you pick how bright it has to be before your motion sensor will trigger. The lower the setting, the more light the sensor needs to activate. This is a powerful setting. Not only … Read more

Does Philips Hue’s Motion Sensor Work Through Glass & Windows?

A Hue motion sensor pointed at a window/glass

Infrared vision is the stuff of science fiction and spy movies. Being able to see heat signatures allows action movie heroes to see through walls, but why can’t my Philips Hue Motion Sensor see through a glass window? Passive infrared sensors work wonders in low-light conditions, but they have their drawbacks. These sensors are far … Read more

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Battery Guide: All You Need To Know

The back of the Hue dimmer switch showing the battery cover and setup button

Smart home tech is all about balancing your power sources. You want to know how your devices are powered and what you can do to keep the lights on. The Philips Hue Dimmer Switch is one of the more common battery powered smart home devices. This switch lets you take control of your lighting. Whether … Read more