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Using Your Philips Hue Dimmer Switch With Alexa – Is It Possible?

Philips Hue dimmer switch showing a red (error) light

The goal of most smart home owners is to get their homes to operate seamlessly and achieve interoperability with all of their smart devices. With the introduction of smart home hubs such as Amazon’s Echo, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit, just to name a few, this goal of interoperability seemed to become a reality. However, … Read more

Does The Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Allow Lux (Daylight) Control?

The Daylight Sensitivity option on a Hue indoor motion sensor from the Hue app

Lux values, brightness sensitivity, and daylight control all refer to the same setting in your smart motion detectors. This setting is where you pick how bright it has to be before your motion sensor will trigger. The lower the setting, the more light the sensor needs to activate. This is a powerful setting. Not only … Read more

Does Philips Hue’s Motion Sensor Work Through Glass & Windows?

A Hue motion sensor pointed at a window/glass

Infrared vision is the stuff of science fiction and spy movies. Being able to see heat signatures allows action movie heroes to see through walls, but why can’t my Philips Hue Motion Sensor see through a glass window? Passive infrared sensors work wonders in low-light conditions, but they have their drawbacks. These sensors are far … Read more

Philips Hue Smart Plug: Everything You Need To Know

Philips Hue smart plug box - side view

When I first seen the Philips Hue Smart Plug, I thought “Why’s it 3-4x more expensive than other smart plugs”? I then wondered whether the fact that it’s controllable via Zigbee and Bluetooth offers any major benefit that justifies its price increase? After going out and buying this Hue Smart Plug, I wanted to write … Read more

Help! My Philips Hue Tap Switch Buttons Aren’t Working! (How to Fix)

Marketing image of the Philips Hue tap switch button

One of the best features that IoT has brought to the smart home is lighting control. There’s nothing like having an automatic wakeup call from your lights or being able to switch between relaxing evenings or parties with friends at the flip of a switch. Smart home technology is here to make our day-to-day lives … Read more