Smart Homes Are Always Changing

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Philips Hue Motion Sensors in Wet Areas (Bathrooms and Outdoors)

Philips Hue Motion Sensor in an indoor bathroom wet area

Philips Hue smart lights are some of the highest-rated options on the market, with applications in almost every room of the home. One room that sees the most utility from smart lights is in the bathroom. Think about it: you need light during a midnight trip to the bathroom, but you don’t want to be … Read more

Multiple Philips Hue Motion Sensors (In a Room & Time of Day)

My Philips Hue motion sensor in setup mode

The true measure of a smart home is the amount of convenience it lends, paired with how much user intervention is needed for devices to operate as desired. The Philips Hue Motion Sensor allows your smart lights to react as programmed the moment motion is detected, but that isn’t to say they are without flaw. … Read more

New Video – Smart Plugs With A PHYSICAL Remote (Why & How!?)

YouTube thumbnail showing me holding up a Hue Smart Plug and a Hue dimmer switch

I was recently playing around with a smart plug, and I didn’t have an Echo device – or my smartphone – nearby. I therefore started wondering whether it was possible to control the smart plug with a physical remote. As it turns out, there’s quite a few options open to you – but funnily enough, … Read more

Help! My Philips Hue Tap Switch Buttons Aren’t Working! (How to Fix)

Marketing image of the Philips Hue tap switch button

One of the best features that IoT has brought to the smart home is lighting control. There’s nothing like having an automatic wakeup call from your lights or being able to switch between relaxing evenings or parties with friends at the flip of a switch. Smart home technology is here to make our day-to-day lives … Read more

Best Location For Philips Hue Motion Sensor (Range & Angle Is Important!)

Diagram showing best Philips Hue motion sensor placement to avoid pets

The Philips Hue indoor motion sensor is quite a useful device: when it detects motion, it allows you to automatically turn your lights on to pre-set colors and brightness levels, configurable for different times of the day. However if it’s positioned or installed in the wrong position, it can either miss people walking past, or … Read more

Philips Hue’s Motion Sensor With Pets: Is It Pet Friendly?

My Philips Hue motion sensor in its box

Picture the scene: you arrive home after a long day’s work, and as you walk through the front door, your Hue Lightstrips automatically illuminate – as do your hallway Hue ceiling lights – gently welcoming you into your home. Bliss. That’s one of the benefits of Philips Hue’s motion sensors. But picture another scene: all … Read more