Dark kitchen with light strip below wall cabinets

The Ultimate ZigBee Smart Light Strip Roundup

Smart light strips are an awesome invention – they can instantly add interesting yet subtle lighting to various areas around your house, and their color can be quickly changed or…

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An LED light strip about to be cut along the cutting line

Philips Hue Lightstrips: Bending, Cutting & Re-Attaching

Philips Hue’s Lightstrips have some really nice features, and they can work really well in various places in your house – especially behind your TV, and in your kitchen. In-fact,…

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The input and output voltage information from the Philips lightstrip plug.

Can Hue Lightstrips Be Hardwired?

I’m soon going to be adding some under-cabinet kitchen lighting into my kitchen, and as a recent smart lighting fan, I was checking out Philip Hue’s Lightstrip range. These are…

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