Kasa Devices Keeps Randomly Turning Off And On

Kasa goes off and on again

The single biggest setback to smart device automation can be a simple bug that turns your devices on and off. What should you do if your Kasa devices keep randomly turning on and off? To fix a Kasa device that keeps turning on and off, the first thing you should do is to update your … Read more

Kasa Issues After A Power Outage: What You Need To Know

Someone lighting a match due to a power outage

Power outages and rolling blackouts are the smart home tech fans’ worst nightmare. Every smart device brand has trouble when the power is flickering, but there are some specific Kasa problems that we need to look at. Kasa smart devices can experience connection problems during a power outage. These devices will automatically reconnect to the … Read more

Kasa Light Switch Is Always On – Or Won’t Turn’t Light Off

Smart Light with Orange Lighting

There’s nothing worse than having a smart light switch that gets stuck in the on or off position. Between the physical switch itself in the app, how can you troubleshoot this complicated connection? You should check if your Kasa light switch is stuck on or off should be to update the firmware on the switch … Read more

Does Kasa Offer Windows/Desktop Software? If Not, Why Not?

A Kasa PC downloader but is it legitimate

We love the convenience of smart devices, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to put down the smartphone for a minute? There are plenty of ways to control smart devices, but can you control Kasa from your PC? There is no official application that allows you to control Kasa from a desktop computer. There … Read more

Kasa Smart Switch With No Neutral – Is This Okay?

An old light switch box with no neutral wire inside

Most smart devices are plug and play and don’t need you to do anything other than set them up on your tablet or smartphone. However, some of the more interesting smart devices do require you to know a little bit about wiring. The Kasa smart switch is one of them. The Kasa smart switch requires … Read more

Kasa Smart Switch Makes Clicking Noise For On/Off – Why?

A Kasa HS200 smart Wi Fi light switch on my wall

There’s nothing more frustrating than wiring your first smart light switch only to find out that it’s making a constant clicking noise. What’s going on inside that switch? Well, a brief summary of the issue is: Your Kasa Smart Switch is making a constant clicking noise because the neutral wire is not securely attached or … Read more

Newsletter (16th Sept 22): Ring & Philips Hue Updates (& More)

The new slim downlights from Philips Hue

(This newsletter was originally sent on 16th September 2022) The latest smart home updates from Smart Home Point Somehow we’re already in September (where’s the time going?!). In some ways September can be a slow month for the smart home industry. After all, June and July are always quite busy because of Prime Day, resulting … Read more

How Kasa Smart Plug Works Without Internet (Not Everything Works Though)

A Kasa Smart Plug box with the text no wifi equals no worky

Smart plugs really are the next frontier when it comes to living in a truly smart home. However, they do raise some serious concerns when the internet goes out, and you’re relying on Kasa smart plugs. Your Kasa smart plug will still be able to use existing timer and schedule settings when the internet goes … Read more