Kasa Smart Plug Overheating Problems (What To Do Now)

A Kasa Smart Plug with totally realistic flames coming out of it (not Photoshopped at all...)

Smart plugs are one of the best smart devices out there, but they’re also prone to overheating (in a small number of cases). What should you do if your Kasa smart plug starts overheating? The first thing you should do is disconnect your smart plug and allow it to cool down. You should inspect the … Read more

Kasa Device & User Sharing: Can You Share Between Accounts (Or Devices)?

Further information about the logged in devices to that Kasa account

Smart technology is supposed to make everything easier, but sometimes it can feel like a hassle if you constantly have to figure out how to get different users to control your Kasa smart tech. How can you get multiple users to control the devices in your home? Well the short answer is (unfortunately): Kasa devices … Read more

Why Your Kasa Smart Plug Keeps Losing Wi-Fi Connection

A Kasa smart plug with cross over it

One of the biggest challenges you face when you’re updating your home to smart devices is figuring out what to do with all of your old technology. You don’t have to update every piece of technology when you can simply update how they connect, but sometimes that connection can be a source of trouble. Kasa … Read more

Kasa Smart Plug Keeps Disconnecting From Alexa (How To Fix)

A Kasa smart plug showing as device unreachable within the Alexa app

A smart plug allows you to bring old school electric devices into the 21st century. However, they’re nothing more than a power adapter if you can’t get them connected to your favorite smart home app. You can keep your Kasa smart plug connected to Alexa by first ensuring that the Wi-Fi network is on 2.4 … Read more

Kasa Smart Device Has “Unreachable” Error: 11 Easy Fixes

Kasa app showing a Device Unreachable error

Kasa devices are a great way to supplement your current smart home system. However, what do you do when these devices, or the Kasa app itself, start to struggle with connection problems? If your Kasa device has an “unreachable” error, that means that the app, the device, or your Wi-Fi network or having trouble getting … Read more

Is Your Kasa Smart Plug Stuck With Flashing Lights? (How To Resolve)

Various features and benefits of a TP Link Kasa smart plug

One of the trickiest things about owning smart devices is decoding those flashing LED lights. It can be hard to figure out what those lights are trying to tell you or even what colors they are to begin with. Thankfully, the Kasa smart plug has an easy-to-understand system when it comes to LED light codes. … Read more

The Difference Between Kasa, Tapo and TP-Link (Which Is Discontinued?)

Front of a TP Link Kasa Smart Plug

One of the biggest challenges of using smart home tech is keeping up with what’s going on at your favorite smart tech companies. This gets even harder when a company fumbles a product launch. TP-Link has left some big questions on the table, and we’re going to answer them. The biggest differences between Kasa and … Read more