Newsletter (7th Oct 22): Q4 Is Here & Smart Home Updates Are Ramping Up

The Ring Spotlight Cam powered by a solar panel

(This newsletter was originally sent on 7th October 2022) Hi everyone, Tristan here. I mentioned in the last newsletter that there hadn’t been many recent smart home updates. That was because of the September lull: everyone was finishing up vacations and heading back to work and school-run routines. But now the smart home industry is … Read more

Newsletter (26th Aug 22): Smart Home News (& History’s Being Made!)

YouTube thumbail showing me partying with the text Hue Labs plus Alexa Routines equals PARTY

(This newsletter was sent on 26th August 2022, to the first 50 subscribers to our newly-launched newsletter.) Welcome to the FIRST EVER* Smart Home Point Newsletter (* Do you feel honored to be one of the first 50 subscribers?!) Today’s newsletter will be shorter-than-average – it is mainly a ‘hello’, and to say thanks for … Read more

Smart Lights That Change Color Temperature Based on Time of Day (A How-To Guide)

Smart Light with Orange Lighting

Smart lights are awesome, as many people can agree. The ability to control more than one light with just the mere touch of a button or voice command is extremely convenient in a variety of situations.  They’re convenient, they can be festive, and can really help set the mood at home. Smart lighting can affect … Read more

LIFX Parent Company Issues: Is LIFX Still In Business?

Buddy Technologies the owner of LIFX is no longer listed on the ASX stock market

I love LIFX. When I first purchased from them, they were renown for selling the brightest smart bulb on the market. Philips Hue have now taken that crown from them, but LIFX still sell a range of high quality smart bulbs with great color quality and accuracy. So it has been disappointing to see various … Read more

HEV Light and the LIFX Clean Bulb (Myth or Real?!) – New Video

YouTube background showing me holding a cotton swab after testing my keyboard

In August 2020, the LIFX CEO announced a new LIFX product on Twitter – the LIFX Clean: This product is designed to be anti-bacterial, providing both smart lighting and cleaning potential. However the actual cleaning capability isn’t always effective – especially when run for a short amount of time, or from more than 4 foot … Read more

Do LIFX Bulbs Slow Down Or Disrupt Your Wi-Fi Network?

A LIFX full RGB bulb in my hand

Because of their wide range of colors and overall ease of use, LIFX smart home LED lights have become increasingly popular. Not only do they offer a variety of customizable options, but they’re also Wi-Fi enabled – unlike their primary competitor, Philips Hue.  Being Wi-Fi compatible often makes them more desirable for users, as they … Read more

Can LIFX Z Light Strips Be Cut? (The REAL Reason LIFX Are Vague…)

An LED light strip about to be cut along the cutting line

Smart strip lights have changed how we approach our home lighting setups. These lights let you customize a wide range of lighting options. Whether you are setting up luxury under lighting in your living room, or you are building out a new utility lighting in the garage, there’s no project that these lights can’t illuminate.   … Read more

Can LIFX Connect To 5Ghz WiFi? Or Is 2.4Ghz Better For Smart Bulbs?

A LIFX full RGB B22 bulb in its box

Debuting in 2012, LIFX (pronounced Life – X) introduced a line of smart bulbs that would prove to be a game-changer in the homes of many. Coming to the fore near the beginning of the ‘smart home era’, these lights became a fun and intuitive way to add color, atmosphere, and additional functionality to your … Read more

LIFX Bulb Behavior After A Power Outage (Will This Change?)

A LIFX full RGB bulb in my hand

After much soothing, your baby is finally asleep. You tuck them in for the night, dim (or turn off) your LIFX smart lights and slowly close the door, inching away so that you don’t wake up your child. Phew, finally – there’s nothing more peaceful than a quiet house! You go to bed a few … Read more