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A LIFX bulb with green light and me taking a selfie

LIFX Effects And Problems When Stopping & Starting Them

I remember when I installed my first LIFX bulb: it was my first full-RGB (color) smart bulb, in-fact. So naturally I jumped into the ‘Effects’ section of the app and…

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A LIFX full RGB bulb in my hand

LIFX Bulb Behavior After A Power Outage (Will This Change?)

After much soothing, your baby is finally asleep. You tuck them in for the night, dim (or turn off) your LIFX smart lights and slowly close the door, inching away…

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Marketing image of the LIFX app's "Schedules" page, with a 3D rendered house in the background.

Can LIFX Bulbs Sync With Music and TV?

One of the nice features of smart bulbs is that not only can then change color (and be dimmed), but since they’re a digital product, they can be programmed to…

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LIFX app showing the dashboard and various lights that can be controlled from here.

LIFX Bulbs Without Internet: Do They Still Work?

LIFX bulbs are at the more premium end of the market (just like Philips Hue), both in terms of build quality and also their price. However whilst Philips Hue bulbs…

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