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Smart Lights That Change Color Temperature Based on Time of Day (A How-To Guide)

Smart Light with Orange Lighting

Smart lights are awesome, as many people can agree. The ability to control more than one light with just the mere touch of a button or voice command is extremely convenient in a variety of situations.  They’re convenient, they can be festive, and can really help set the mood at home. Smart lighting can affect … Read more

Do LIFX Bulbs Slow Down Or Disrupt Your Wi-Fi Network?

A LIFX full RGB bulb in my hand

Because of their wide range of colors and overall ease of use, LIFX smart home LED lights have become increasingly popular. Not only do they offer a variety of customizable options, but they’re also Wi-Fi enabled – unlike their primary competitor, Philips Hue.  Being Wi-Fi compatible often makes them more desirable for users, as they … Read more

Can LIFX Bulbs Sync With Music and TV?

Marketing image of the LIFX app's "Schedules" page, with a 3D rendered house in the background.

One of the nice features of smart bulbs is that not only can then change color (and be dimmed), but since they’re a digital product, they can be programmed to do other interesting things such as ‘dance’ along with music or change color to reflect a movie on TV. Philips Hue have great support for … Read more