Can’t Connect To Lutron Caseta’s Bridge? Try This Out

Lutron Caseta starter kit with no WiFi sign on top of it

Did you just set up your brand new Lutron Caseta bridge, only to have it constantly disconnect from your Wi-Fi or app? Maybe your old trustworthy bridge has started to blink in and out of existence? Either way, there’s a solution for fixing Lutron Caseta bridge connection issues. Smart home devices are all about DIY. … Read more

Does Lutron Caseta Need A Neutral Wire? (Why I Love Lutron)

The wiring inside a UK light switch containing a neutral

As smart technology gets more advanced, it’s beginning to integrate with the core of our homes. This includes wiring it directly into the walls. Smart switches offer incredible potential when it comes to the limits of smart technology. Rather than just having technology attached to your home, this wires the smart technology directly into the … Read more

Is Lutron Caseta A TRIAC Dimmer?

Triac dimmer components and the Triac electrical diagram

A TRIAC lighting control might sound like something out of an old episode of Star Trek, but it’s actually one of the original ways for controlling dimmable lighting. As the world has moved towards the LED standard, TRIAC dimmers have fallen out of fashion. However, there are still plenty of situations where you can make … Read more