Can You Queue Music Up On Amazon Alexa/Echo? If Not, Are There Workarounds?

Add to Queue selection in Amazon Music App

One of the great things about having an Amazon Echo is being able to stream your favorite music while you’re…well, doing anything! From cooking to relaxing, to partying with your friends – music is always a great addition. So it stands to reason that you want your music to play continuously, without interruption. It would be … Read more

Amazon Echo: Transferring Music To Another Echo (Room to Room)

Echo Dot 3rd generation model, with a blue 'listening' ring after a voice command was issued.

It’s quite common to be listening to music on your Echo in one room, but you need to move to another room – and so you want to continue playing that song on the other room’s Echo. Google Home offer this with Stream Transfer, but what about Amazon? Amazon released a “transfer music” feature late … Read more

Amazon Echo’s Music Keeps Stopping Or Buffering During Playback

Aux Port on Echo Dot

Music is how many of us get through our day. Whether it’s Rock, Rap, Latin, or Classical – music has the power to move us. But there’s nothing more annoying than when the music won’t play! While listening to their music via the Amazon Echo, some Echo users have run into a couple of annoying … Read more

How To Connect Your iPhone To Amazon Echo

Bluetooth Connection Options on Echo Show 10 Medium

As great as iPhones can be, sometimes getting them to work with other manufacturers can be tricky. After all, Apple products are designed to work with each other seamlessly. Other products? Not so much. Fortunately, for those that want to connect their iPhone to the Amazon Echo, you’ll be happy to know that this is … Read more

Amazon Just BROKE Amazon Music For Echo Owners

Video thumbnail showing me doing air quotes with the text Amazon Upgraded Prime Music

On 1st November 2022, Amazon announced an “upgrade” to Prime Music. Instead of giving you 2 million songs, instead they would give us 100 million songs. AWESOME, right? Well, not really. They nerfed a big feature: the ability to pick and choose songs or albums. Instead, everything on Prime Music is like Spotify Free: shuffle … Read more

Why Does Amazon Music Stop Playing ‘Due To No Activity’?

Sleep Timer in Amazon Music

One of the best things about having an Amazon Echo is the ability to play your music. You can have it either playing from one Echo or, if you have multiple Echos in different rooms, you can play music throughout your home! So it stands to reason that when you’re, let’s say, cleaning, or working, … Read more

Echo Show Song Lyrics Not Showing Or Being Really Buggy

A song playing on an Amazon Echo Show with the Lyrics button at the bottom

Amazon Echo Show is a great piece of smart tech when it comes to listening to your favorite tunes, but what should you do if it’s being not-so-great when it comes to displaying lyrics? Lyrics might not be showing on your Amazon Echo Show because of a software bug that you can fix by resetting … Read more

Amazon Echo: Music Is Suddenly Distorted (Why?)

The song Double Trouble playing on an Amazon Echo Show 8

Audio problems can seem like they suddenly pop up in Amazon Echo devices. It can suddenly sound like your audio is glitching or like your favorite podcast has turned to static. Luckily, fixing Amazon Echo audio problems is usually just as easy as a quick reset. Distorted audio from an Amazon Echo device can be … Read more

“Amazon Music Is Streaming On Another Device” (How to Fix This Error)

Amazon Echo for Kids

Amazon Music is one of many popular music streaming services available today. It’s designed to work seamlessly with Amazon Echo devices, and most of the time, they do. But what happens when you get hit with an error message? One of the most common error messages many Alexa and Amazon Echo users encounter is, after … Read more