Is Nanoleaf Bright Enough To Light A Room By Themselves?

A Nanoleaf Essentials light strip near a TV

Nanoleaf’s intricately-designed lighting panels bring a decorative flair to the modern smart home – a flair unsurpassed by any other because of their unique lighting options. You can use them to create a decorative piece on one or more walls, or even to liven up a house party as they pulse and change color to … Read more

How You Can Safely Remove Nanoleaf Without Damaging Your Walls

3M command strip tabs which allow for safe removal of wall mounted panels

Because of their innovative technology and the ability to create intricate designs, Nanoleaf lighting panels are quickly gaining popularity. But before investing in the decorative panels, many people want to know whether the adhesive that attaches them to the walls is going to give them any trouble when it comes time to remove them. Whether … Read more

Does Nanoleaf Need a Bridge or Hub?

Various Nanoleaf shapes on bedroom feature wall with HomePod Mini

The modern smart home is continually getting upgraded with smarter, more advanced technology. Manufacturers are always developing technology that brings forth newer, more innovative, and even more decorative ways to enhance our smart home ecosystem. Nanoleaf is no exception. Since the early 2010’s, Nanoleaf has earned their place as being one of the most innovative when it … Read more