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Two Google Nest thermostats in store, the Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen and Thermostat E.

Nest Thermostats and Underfloor Heating: Latest Info Guide

Underfloor heating provides soft, gentle heating from underfoot throughout the day, giving a nice, natural feel to a house’s heating provision. This is especially compared to an occasional blast of…

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A veranda/porch with an overhead light turned on.

Can The Nest Doorbell & Cameras Turn On Your Lights?

A fairly desired (and standard) feature of smart doorbells and cameras is that they notify another service about motion, so that automation routines can run – for example, turning a…

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Various light glare from a Ring recording, due to sudden light, when in night vision mode.

Smart Cameras Facing Outside: Do They Work Behind Windows?

I recently purchased a Ring Indoor Cam for around $20 in an Amazon bundle, far cheaper than the outdoor Ring Stick Up Cam which is $99 when not in a…

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Nest help pages - familiar face detection

Your Nest Device May Be Pointless In Illnois (Or The EU!)

When you’re looking at Nest’s smart doorbells and cameras, you may see a symbol (indicating a footnote) whenever “familiar face detection” is mentioned: So what does this suspicious footnote mention?…

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Various Ring doorbells and cameras in a UK store.

Which Ring And Nest Cameras Are PoE (Power over Ethernet)?

Power over Ethernet involves using the multiple wire strands within an Ethernet cable to send both data and electrical power. This allows the end device to be fully powered by…

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The Nest app on the left, and the Google Home app on the right.

Can We Add Nest Protect To The Google Home App Yet?

If you search for “Nest Protect” – the smart smoke and CO alarm – you’ll be greeted with Google’s logo and the words “Google Nest”. It’s clearly a Google smart…

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