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Selfie of me (Tristan Perry) looking thoughtful

My Smart Home Thoughts: What I Love (And Hate!) About Them

I purchased my first Echo device back in 2016, and I’ve always found it quite useful, although my wife wasn’t convinced at first. But over time, as we’ve discovered more…

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Why smart homes are "bad" - 19 disadvantages

Why Are Smart Homes “Bad”? 19 Disadvantages To Consider

As you can probably guess, I am a fan of smart homes. I love the benefits they can provide to people, and how they are often easy to use –…

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YouTube thumbnail showing Tristan, a Nest thermostat and the text "Pointless?" and "A waste of money".

New Video – Smart Thermostats Are Pointless (11 Reasons Why)!

I have posted a new video on YouTube covering 11 reasons why I think that smart thermostats are pointless and can potentially be a waste of money, which is the…

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Two Google Nest thermostats in store, the Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen and Thermostat E.

11 Reasons Why Smart Thermostats Are Pointless

“My smart thermostat has really improved my home life” – said no one ever. When smart ‘learning’ thermostats burst onto the scene in 2011, they did so to great fanfare….

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