Can The Ring Base Station Act As a Ring Doorbell Chime (& Notify You)?

Linked Devices Ring Alarm in Ring app

If you have any of Ring’s line of smart home devices, you know how well they work together. Along with the Ring app, there are a variety of ways we can use our Ring cameras and video doorbells to protect our homes.  Some who own the Ring Alarm System might wonder: since it has a … Read more

How Much Internet (Bandwidth) Does Ring Use?

Ring and Philips Hue internet usage from my BT HomeHub

Ring devices are some of the most common smart technologies out there today. This company makes everything from smart security systems to home lighting. It would be great to have a full home of Ring technology, but how much internet data would that take? Ring systems are dominantly WiFi based. This means that they are … Read more

Does Eero 6 (or the Ring Alarm Pro) Support Z-Wave Devices?

An Eero Pro 6 Wi Fi router

The Ring Alarm Pro’s key feature is the Eero 6 routers built right into the Alarm’s Base Station. They’re marketed as being able to work with Z-Wave and to a certain extent, Zigbee. Being as the Ring Base Station works with Z-Wave, might the Ring Alarm Pro also be used as a smart hub for … Read more

Internet/Wi-Fi Speeds Are SLOW Since Using Ring Alarm Pro

Marketing image of the Ring Alarm Pro base station

Since its introduction, many have upgraded their Ring Alarm system for the new Alarm Pro. After all, you get enhanced home security plus an eero 6 router that also offers extra internet security. A win-win right? In theory, absolutely! But what about in real, everyday use? Some Ring Alarm Pro users who previously had NO … Read more

Do Ring’s Smart Home Products Use a Lot of Electricity?

Ring Floodlight Cam wall mounted - front view

Smart home devices might seem like they use up a lot of electricity, but is this true? How much energy is being used by your Ring devices? Ring’s smart home products do not use a lot of electricity. Even the most power-hungry Ring devices are still only using a small amount of electricity and shouldn’t … Read more

“Turn Off” Ring Alarm: How To Remove The Battery Of The Base Station

The now removed battery within the Ring Alarm Base Station

The Ring Alarm system is great, offering homeowners a simple way to install and manage their home’s security system. But sometimes you want to turn off the alarm system completely, which is difficult considering that the Base Station has a internal battery backup. This article discusses how to turn off the Ring Alarm system (by … Read more

How Best To Screw In Ring Alarm Sensors (& Which Screws To Use)

The four screw holes of the Ring Motion Sensor back plate

Using the double-sided adhesive tape to mount your Ring alarm sensors is convenient, but it’s not the most secure option. Screwing your Ring sensors to the wall means that they won’t be going anywhere. They will stay in the position you need them in, so you don’t have to worry about the adhesive tape falling … Read more