Is Ring Alarm’s “Professional Monitoring” Worth It? (Why I’ve Changed My Mind)

SpaceX staff working in their control centre during a launch, with lots of computer monitors at each desk each

Even though I’m only 31, I always feel old when I start a sentence with “Back in my day, things were so much better”. However you can’t blame me for thinking this when Ring used to only charge $10/month for Professional Monitoring, right? Actually, let’s back up a bit. Ring released their smart alarm system … Read more

Can Ring’s Smart Cameras Trigger Ring Alarm?

The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a shelf, with a Ring stick-up cam sitting on the shelf.

Ring’s devices can be linked together to provide closer integration, and it’d be nice if motion detected on a Ring camera (especially an outdoor one) could trigger the Ring alarm to sound. But is this possible? I’ve always been curious about this so I wrote this article to find out. It’s not currently possible for … Read more

Scary Thought: Can The Ring Alarm System Be Jammed?

The Ring Alarm base station mounted on a wall above a metal shelf.

The Ring Alarm is there to protect you and your house 24/7, right? After all, it’s an alarm system so it should be built to withstand a range of basic security attacks… which includes obvious attacks (e.g. a window being smashed) but also the less obvious attacks: someone jamming the WiFi signal of your house, … Read more