Do You Need The Ring Chime For Your Ring Doorbell?

My Ring Chime plugged into a UK plug socket, with "ring" illuminated in blue light.

The Ring Chime is a useful device in many cases – it plays a chime or doorbell (‘ding-dong’) sound to notify you when your Ring Doorbell has been pressed. This is useful if you got rid of your old doorbell chime unit as part of your Ring Doorbell install, or if you want to put … Read more

Ring Chime Is Currently Updating Its Internal Software (Why?!)

Looking at a Ring Chime in the Ring app and a warning says that the Ring Chime is updating its internal software

You go to update your Ring Chime sounds only to find out that your Ring Chime is stuck updating its internal software! Is this a bug or something different? Your Ring Chime can be updating its internal software because this is the firmware that the device needs in order to keep its features up and … Read more

Ring Chime Won’t Enter Setup Mode: What To Do

Me holding my Ring Chime which has just bricked itself

Last month I setup a new Wi-Fi mesh system to improve my home’s Wi-Fi reach, but instead of keeping the same network name and password, I decided to move all my devices over to the new Wi-Fi details one-by-one. Overall this worked fairly well: I updated 2-3 devices a day, and after a few weeks, … Read more

New Video – Ring Doorbell Chime & Chime Pro: All Chime Sounds

YouTube video thumbnail showing a Ring Chime Pro and the Ring app showing the different Ring Chime sounds.

The Ring Doorbell can work with a separate Chime device which plugs into your wall socket and works over WiFi, playing a doorbell sound whenever someone presses your Ring Doorbell. What some people don’t know, however, is that you can customize the sound that gets played on your Chime so I wanted to shoot this … Read more