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Is Someone Shining Bright Lights Into Your Doorbell Or Camera?

Me shining a phone torch light into a Ring Indoor Cam

In this day and age, most of us have at least one smart home camera and/or video doorbell to monitor and protect our homes. Especially when it comes to outdoor cameras, the potential to have something happen to one of them is unfortunately always there.  One new trend involves people flashing lights at smart cameras. … Read more

Can The Ring Base Station Act As a Ring Doorbell Chime (& Notify You)?

Linked Devices Ring Alarm in Ring app

If you have any of Ring’s line of smart home devices, you know how well they work together. Along with the Ring app, there are a variety of ways we can use our Ring cameras and video doorbells to protect our homes.  Some who own the Ring Alarm System might wonder: since it has a … Read more

PSA: Ring Devices Can Have Issues With TP-Link Deco’s Mesh Routers

Ring doorbell wifi error on app

Smart home technology has been out for a while now and this means that we’re starting to experience compatibility issues between older devices and newer standards. Mesh networks are the latest in Wi-Fi connectivity, but that means they sometimes have problems connecting to some older devices like Ring cameras. The first thing you should do … Read more

Make Ring Footage Better: Can You Enhance Or Upscale Recordings?

Using VLC Player's "Interactive Zoom" feature to zoom in on part of a video clip.

Ring’s smart cameras and doorbells are supposed to give you near instant video so you can keep track of your home, but what happens when the pics and videos Ring cameras take are too distorted to see anything useful? Ring pictures and videos can be enhanced by first making sure you’re getting the best quality … Read more

Ring Doorbell Screw Guide (Torx Size, Screwdriver & More)

A closer look at the size of all three Ring doorbell screw types

The Ring doorbell is a great little device. It notifies you when someone is at the door, and they help protect your property by recording after motion is detected. However some would-be burglars have considered just ripping the Ring doorbell off the wall (or door). Is there any protection against this? The short answer is … Read more

Issues With Ring Doorbell’s ‘Free Faceplate’ Offer

Screenshot from the Ring app dashboard showing the free faceplate offer for the Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Ah, bling. Everyone loves a bit of it. Of course for most ‘normal’ people, “bling” would refer to some flashy jewelry. However for big nerds like me, it refers to totally-awesome faceplates that adorn my Ring doorbell: And what’s better is that this was free. Well, it wasn’t totally free because I had to buy … Read more

Can You Disable Night Vision on Ring Cameras Or Doorbells?

The night vision options within the Ring app allowing you to turn off night vision on the Ring Doorbell Pro 2

The IR night vision feature on Ring cameras can be a great add-on, but it can also cause plenty of headaches. Users have been requesting more control over IR night vision for years, but can you disable night vision on Ring devices? You can’t disable auto IR night vision on most of Ring’s cameras or … Read more