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Various Ring doorbells and cameras in a UK store.

4K UHD Smart Doorbells (Do Any Exist? Are They Any Good?)

If you’ve ever compared 4K video to standard “full HD” (i.e. 1080p) video, you will have seen a substantial difference. 4K contains four times as many pixels as 1080p video,…

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Various Ring doorbells and cameras in a UK store.

Which Smart Cameras Support 24/7 Continuous Recording?

Traditional CCTV cameras and professional-grade security systems have always supported 24/7 constant recording as a standard feature. It wouldn’t even have been listed as a selling point. But these systems…

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YouTube thumbnail for my 'Stop Ring recording' video

New Video – How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording: 6 Simple Solutions

To go alongside my ‘How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording‘ text guide, I have just finished recording a video guide for it too: (no Ring cameras were hurt…

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A Ring Doorbell Pro in its initial setup mode - shown by the blue ring.

How To Stop Your Ring Cameras From Recording

Having Ring’s doorbell and security cameras around your property are great for feeling more secure and preventing burglaries, however they can make you feel self-conscious at times – especially if…

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Wiring guide YouTube thumbnail

New Video – Deta Doorbell to Ring Doorbell Pro – UK Wiring Guide

Hey everyone, I’ve just published a new YouTube video covering how to switch from a Deta mains-voltage doorbell to a Ring Doorbell Pro (I had the Deta C3051, but the…

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Inside a Deta C3501 mains voltage doorbell: the input (mains voltage) cables are on the bottom left, with the output (CAT5) cables on the bottom right.

How To Convert a Deta Doorbell to a Ring Doorbell Pro – UK

When I purchased my Ring Doorbell Pro, I knew that I currently had a Deta doorbell but I hadn’t looked at the wiring much beyond that. To be honest, I…

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A marketing image of a black Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell (on a white background).

Nest Hello Doorbell: 18 Questions/Answers You Need To Know

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell was released in 2018, and whilst it’s sold decently well, Ring still rules the smart doorbell market. This means that whilst people have lots of…

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A Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Doorbell Pro side-by-side, showing how the Pro is much smaller than the '2'.

Why I Chose The Ring Doorbell Pro For My House

I live in a new build development, and due to a few initial teething issues with the property developer, we all setup a Facebook group to keep each-other informed. A…

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A narrow door frame with a wall jetting out, which would block a lot of a Ring's video capture.

Ring Doorbell With Narrow Installation: Here’s What To Do

The Ring Doorbell is easy to install (according to the marketing): attach the mounting bracket, hook the doorbell over it, fit the security screws – and you’re done. Simple. Then…

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