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The back of someone leaving a property, as captured by a Ring Doorbell 1 device.

Are Smart Homes Dangerous? 18 Worrying (Hidden) Risks

I’ve loved smart homes since I purchased my first Amazon Echo device (well, apart from when Alexa completely mishears me…!). I’ve since purchased a range of other smart devices, and…

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YouTube thumbnail for my video covering how smart home tech can help after having a baby.

New Video – Had A Baby? How Smart Home Tech Can Help! (My Top 8 Features)

When you find out that you’re going to be a parent, thinking about smart technology around you home probably isn’t top of your priority list. However smart devices can be…

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Selfie of me (Tristan Perry) looking thoughtful

My Smart Home Thoughts: What I Love (And Hate!) About Them

I purchased my first Echo device back in 2016, and I’ve always found it quite useful, although my wife wasn’t convinced at first. But over time, as we’ve discovered more…

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A standard (non smart) terrier thermostatic radiator valve fitted to a radiator in my house.

Smart Radiator Valves: Worth It? Or Just A Gimmick?

A single-zone smart thermostat can either put the whole house’s heating on, or off. It can’t control individual rooms (well, not without automatic dampers – which are rarely fitted in…

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A pram and car baby seat, stored under our stairs in the hallway.

How A Smart Home Has Helped Me Since Having A Baby

I was recently taking my 11 month old 10 kg (22 lb) baby son downstairs and doing a few things with him in my arms, when I realized that I’d…

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A side lamp with an Amazon Echo Dot in-front of it

Can Smart Plugs Be Used To Dim Lights?

When you plug a device into a smart plug, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the device itself isn’t suddenly smart. And by that I mean that it’s still the…

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Two Echo devices (a full size Echo and an Echo Dot), along with a 'Love You' baby bear.

Using Amazon Echo As A Baby Monitor (But Is It Worth It?)

So you’ve just found out that you’re expecting a little one? Congratulations, that’s awesome! Speaking as a fairly new dad myself, I’m sure that clearly the first question you’ll be…

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Picture of me holding up an Echo Dot in my house.

25 Advantages Of Smart Homes (Why They Are Awesome!)

I previously written about the disadvantages of smart homes, and somehow came up with a list of 19 reasons. Whilst everything I covered is valid, there’s more that’s good about…

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Screenshot taken of the desktop view of Home Assistant's demo.

SmartThings, Sengled, Wink, Home Assistant.. Still Needed?

When it comes to controlling your new smart home device, you’ll probably see that most devices nowadays “support Alexa”. Some support Google Home, too. However you may also have seen…

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Marketing image of NeuroSky's Brainwave Starter Kit, including the headset and details about the mobile and computer control apps.

Controlling Smart Homes With Your Brain: Sci-fi or Reality?

Various sci-fi and futuristic TV shows and movies cover people controlling technology with their minds. This might be via brain waves being captured by a funny looking hat, or by…

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