Smart Locks For Multipoint Door Locks

Photo showing some of the multipoint latches/locks for my back door.

A lot of smart locks happily advertise that they can be easily installed as they are fully compatible with cylinder-type deadbolts. Whilst a lot of Americans doors use these type of door lock, its increasingly common to see multipoint locks used instead. Can these be used with smart locks, then, or are multipoint locks incompatible? … Read more

Can Smart Locks Be Rekeyed?

August's Smart Lock Pro in exploded view, i.e. showing the individual constituent parts that make up the actual lock and smart lock.

Some smart locks are keyless, not requiring (or allowing) any sort of key at all. However other smart locks come with a physical new key, usually as a backup option incase the smart functionality fails. But what happens if you lose your key – can you rekey this backup smart lock? This would be a … Read more