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Woman Controlling Smart Plug Using App On Mobile Phone

Smart Plugs With A Physical Remote: Why, How & What To Buy

Smart plugs are pretty useful devices – allowing you to easily control your appliances with a phone app, preset timers, and even your voice. But it’s not always practical to…

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My BT HomeHub internet WiFi router in my garage, with a flashing purple light meaning it can't connect to the internet.

Using Smart Plugs To Turn Your Internet (WiFi Router) Off & On

One of the benefits of smart plugs that I’ve recommended a few times is the ability to turn the internet (i.e. your WiFi router) on and off via the smart…

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A smart plug phone app on top of a person on a train.

Do Smart Plugs Work Away From Home?

When talking about the benefits of smart plugs, I usually give the example of being able to turn your slow cooker on from work, so that you come home to…

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A marketing image of the Leviton DW15P-1BW smart plug

Using Smart Plugs With Your Amazon Echo Device

Amazon regularly do bundle offers on smart devices, such as smart plugs with an Echo or Echo Dot. But why are they often included as a bundle – can you…

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A Innr smart plug, with the "hue PHILIPS" logo text overlayed over it.

Smart Plugs That Work With Philips Hue

Smart plugs go into a wall outlet and devices are plugged into them, and you can then turn the plugged-in device on or off. Philips Hue, on the other hand,…

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A marketing image of the TP Link's HS105 Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug, which leaves the second outlet free for use.

Do Any Smart Plugs Work On 5 Ghz WiFi?

You may have heard that 5 Ghz WiFi is faster than 2.4 Ghz WiFi, but many smart plugs only seem to support 2.4 Ghz WiFi. Does this mean that your…

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A side lamp with an Amazon Echo Dot in-front of it

Can Smart Plugs Be Used To Dim Lights?

When you plug a device into a smart plug, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the device itself isn’t suddenly smart. And by that I mean that it’s still the…

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Close-up shot of a surge protected UK 'extension cable' (power strip) using SurgeGuard technology, made by Masterplug.

Smart Plugs: The Surge Protection & Power Strip Guide

Smart plugs are plugged into your wall sockets, and then you plug devices into them. The smart plug’s power can then be controlled with your smartphone app (or Amazon Echo/Google…

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