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Do Smart Light Switches Need A Hub?

Back view of a smart light switch that requires a neutral wire

Smart switches are one of the keys to a fully unlocked smart home. These switches you let transform your standard home lighting into a seamless smart experience. Smart switches come from a wide range of manufacturers that feature several different types of controls – from basic on/off functionality, to more advanced dimming and even color … Read more

Using Smart Switches And Sensors For Normal (Dumb) Bulbs

Marketing image for the Leviton Decora Smart WiFi 15 Amp Light Switch

People sometimes think that in order to have a fully smart lighting system, you need to buy smart lights and also smart bulbs. But this isn’t always correct. In-fact it’s sometimes better to either have smart lights, or to have smart bulbs – not both. Having just smart switches means that you still get lots … Read more