Amazon Just BROKE Amazon Music For Echo Owners

Video thumbnail showing me doing air quotes with the text Amazon Upgraded Prime Music

On 1st November 2022, Amazon announced an “upgrade” to Prime Music. Instead of giving you 2 million songs, instead they would give us 100 million songs. AWESOME, right? Well, not really. They nerfed a big feature: the ability to pick and choose songs or albums. Instead, everything on Prime Music is like Spotify Free: shuffle … Read more

Running Hue Lab Formulas (Or Scenes) via Alexa Routines – New Video

YouTube thumbail showing me partying with the text Hue Labs plus Alexa Routines equals PARTY

Alexa routines are quite powerful, and they include turning smart bulbs on/off – and changing their color. But it wasn’t possible to dynamically change the color… until now! Recent support added by Philips Hue means that you can kick off Hue Lab Formulas within Alexa routines, allowing you to setup some really awesome smart home … Read more

Ring Just Hiked Prices 40%! What ‘Protect Basic’ Customers Need To Know – New Video

A YouTube thumbnail showing me looking annoyed with the text Stick it to the man

The Ring Protect Basic used to be pretty good value – for £2.50 (or $3) per month, you had cloud-based recordings and a bunch of extra features. But on 1st June 2022, Ring announced that they were hiking the price of this plan by up to 40%. Why did they do this? Are there any … Read more

Make YouTube Kid-Safe On The Amazon Echo Show (A Simple Tutorial Guide) – New Video

YouTube thumbnail showing me doing thumbs up sign with YouTube Kids enabled on an Amazon Echo Show

The Echo Show is a great touchscreen-enabled product from Amazon, but it also makes it a little bit too easy for children to freely surf YouTube – potentially accessing inappropriate videos. Therefore I went looking for makes on how to child-proof the YouTube installed on the Echo Show, and this video covers everything you need … Read more

All 14 Ring CAMERA Models Compared (Which To Buy) – New Video

YouTube thumbnail with me looking thoughtful and the text pointless pointing to the Ring Spotlight Cam

In the market for a new Ring camera? Simple: just go to Ring’s website, and choose from their… wait, what? They offer FOURTEEN cameras? Who even needs FOURTEEN cameras? If you’ve ever felt like this, worry not. This video walks you through everything you need to know to make your purchasing choice a little easier. … Read more

Why I Love This ‘Hidden’ Smart Lighting Feature – New Video

Youtube thumbnail of me holding a Hue Motion Sensor and the text Loads of ways to achieve this

When people think of smart lighting, they usually think of the obvious: full color (RGB) bulbs. Setting rooms to bright green, or dancing to strobe lighting effects. But I actually prefer a less discussed smart lighting feature: motion sensitive lighting. This is simple to set up, and it feels like something out of sci-fi. I … Read more

Why Everyone Needs a 4K Smart Cam (Reolink Vs Ring Image Quality Compared) – New Video

YouTube thumbnail for my video comparing Reolinks 4K and Ring full HD footage

Reolink recently got in touch with me, asking if I wanted to review one of their cameras. I opted for their RLC-810A, a 4K, 8 megapixel smart camera which records with MUCH better image quality than Ring does. This video compares the Reolink 4K footage with my Ring Floodlight Cam Plus, that records in full … Read more

Ring Protect Basic vs Plus vs Pro (Why, Ring?) – New Video

Ring Protect plan YouTube video thumbnail with the text Ring Alarm Customers Have Been SHAFTED

So Ring have finally done it. The well priced Ring Protect Plus plan (at $10 per month) has been effectively doubled for Ring Alarm customers. But is the new Ring Protect Pro (at $20 per month) worth it for existing – or new – Ring customers? Is the new local storage feature worth paying double … Read more

Does Ring Offer 24/7 Recording? (Ring PROMISED This In 2018…) – New Video

Me talking into my phone with the text Why Ring Killed 24 7 Maybe to the left

Back in 2018, Ring promised that you would soon be able to pay extra for 24/7 recording from all “wired” Ring devices (such as the Ring Pro and Ring Floodlight Cam). However it’s now 2021 and… Ring still doesn’t offer continuous 24/7 recording features. This is disappointing but unsurprising – Ring has been promising HomeKit … Read more