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YouTube thumbnail showing how to loop songs on Amazon Echo devices.

New Video – Looping Amazon Echo/Alexa Songs (& Within Playlists and Routines)

Being able to repeat sounds and songs (via Amazon’s “loop mode”) on your Amazon Echo devices is a really useful feature – it can save you money (compared to paying…

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Me clicking something on the Echo Show's monthly calendar view.

New Video – Echo Show Calendar Overview: What Works Well… And What Doesn’t!

I’m one of those annoying people who likes to track everything in their life on a calendar! Whilst I’ve used the calendar features on my other Echo devices, I love…

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YouTube thumbnail showing me talking, a crossed out Google Nest Mini, and the text "Getting Rid Of My Google Home/Nest"

New Video – Google Play Music Is Closing! Why Google Home Is (Now) Useless For Me

My first ever video covered how to listen to free music (with no ads) on your Google Home/Google Nest devices. One of the methods relied on Google Play Music, where…

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YouTube thumbnail for my "watching all your Ring feeds in 1 monitor" video.

New Video – View All Ring Devices On 1 Monitor (Possible?)

Professional grade security systems will allow you to watch all real-time (live) views of the camera feeds on a single PC/TV monitor. This got me wondering whether it’s possible to…

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YouTube thumbnail showing me looking confused, and the text "Google Home = CONFUSING!" on it.

New Video – What Exactly Does “Google Home” Mean?!? (Why So Confusing, Google?)

I was recently filming for another YouTube video, and I realized that I kept saying “Google Home” but I hadn’t discussed how “Google Home” can actually mean four different things….

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YouTube thumbnail for my Ring Indoor Cam garage install video.

New Video – Ring Indoor Cam Setup (With No Internet In Garage!)

I recently bought a Ring Indoor Cam for £15 as part of an Amazon bundle deal, and I wanted to wall mount this in my garage to detect would-be burglars….

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YouTube thumbnail image showing me showing me holding a router and an Ethernet cable.

New Video – Getting Internet To Outbuildings (7 Different Ways)

If you’re looking to put smart devices (or any other WiFi based device) in an outbuilding, you’ll almost certainly need internet access. I’ve recently needed to do the same for…

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YouTube thumbnail for my 'Ring Indoor Cam Q&A' video.

New Video – Ring Indoor Cam Q&A: 10 Popular Questions Answered

While I was waiting for my Ring Indoor Cam to be shipped (a whole 24 hours!), I was Googling around to get some answers to questions I had about it….

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YouTube thumbnail for my video covering how smart home tech can help after having a baby.

New Video – Had A Baby? How Smart Home Tech Can Help! (My Top 8 Features)

When you find out that you’re going to be a parent, thinking about smart technology around you home probably isn’t top of your priority list. However smart devices can be…

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YouTube thumbnail snippet for my 'Ring Doorbell - All Alexa Sounds' video, showing me talking and the Alexa app.

New Video – Amazon Alexa – All Ring Doorbell Sounds

You can use your Echo (and Fire TV) devices as a doorbell for your Ring devices. There are currently 26 different doorbell sounds you can play via Alexa when someone…

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