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My Amazon Echo (with a blue ring, in listening mode) next to a Philips Hue E14 White Ambiance box.

Hue And Alexa Integration Problems (& How To Fix Them)

I recently started to switch over to smart lighting in my house, and overall I really like the integration with Alexa. After all, being able to control your lights using…

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Two Echo devices (a full size Echo and an Echo Dot), along with a 'Love You' baby bear.

Using Amazon Echo As A Baby Monitor (But Is It Worth It?)

So you’ve just found out that you’re expecting a little one? Congratulations, that’s awesome! Speaking as a fairly new dad myself, I’m sure that clearly the first question you’ll be…

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Alexa app screenshot showing both 'Alexa' and 'Echo' listed.

What Is The Difference Between Amazon’s Alexa and Echo?

When reading about smart homes, you’ll probably have seen ‘Amazon Alexa’ and ‘Amazon Echo’ used almost interchangeably, but they’re actually quite different. It’s almost like the difference between a guitar…

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Block annoying songs on Amazon Alexa/Echo or Google Home

Blocking Specific Songs On Amazon Echo/Alexa & Google Home

If you’re fed up of your child playing “Baby shark” or “I am a gummy bear” over and over, or someone else playing a song that upsets or annoys you,…

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Official UK power adaptor for Google Nest Mini 2nd generation, showing: "AC adapter Model G1030 Input: 100-240V-0.4A 50-60Hz Output: 14V=1.1A LPS"

Is The Google Mini Dual Voltage? (And Why This Matters)

If you are travelling or you bought a cheap Google Mini from abroad, you might be wondering whether you are safe to use your Google Home device in another country….

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Phone screenshot showing all activity on registered Amazon Echo/Alexa devices.

Why does my Amazon Echo make random noises?

Having a smart voice assistant like the Amazon Echo is great due to all the smart home features it offers, but sometimes it seems to ‘wake up’ by itself and…

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