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New Video – Ring Doorbell Chime & Chime Pro: All Chime Sounds

The Ring Doorbell can work with a separate Chime device which plugs into your wall socket and works over WiFi, playing a doorbell sound whenever someone presses your Ring Doorbell.

What some people don’t know, however, is that you can customize the sound that gets played on your Chime so I wanted to shoot this video and cover all the doorbell chime sounds that are available:

The timestamps for each doorbell sound are:

  • 0:50 – Ring Default
  • 0:54 – Ring Alert 2
  • 1:00 – Ring Alert 3
  • 1:08 – Harp
  • 1:13 – Flashback
  • 1:19 – Ding-Dong
  • 1:25 – Triangle
  • 1:32 – Upbeat
  • 1:38 – Navi
  • 1:42 – Xylophone
  • 1:50 – Train Whistle
  • 1:56 – Charge!
  • 2:00 – Dogs Barking
  • 2:06 – Doorbot
  • 2:11 – Westminster
  • 2:22 – Westminster Soft

Video Transcript

Hey YouTube, I’m Tristan from Smart Home Point. If you have a Ring doorbell you may have a Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro because sometimes it comes with your Ring Doorbell while other times you can pay for it separately. This device plugs into your wall socket, it connects over Wi-Fi and when somebody presses your Ring doorbell, this will play a doorbell sound. Now what some people don’t know is you can actually customize the sound that gets played via the Ring app. There are 15 or more different sounds that can get played when you press the doorbell, you can customize it completely, so I wanted to film this video and to show exactly what sounds are available to you with the Ring Chime or the Ring Chime Pro. It’s the same set of sounds no matter what device you have. Let’s take a look!

(plays all the different sounds)

So that wraps up today’s video covering the different doorbell sounds you can play on your Ring Chime device. As you can see, there are quite a few different options. Some of them are quite standard, traditional doorbell sounds, while some of them are quite modern or quite quirky. If you have a favorite doorbell chime sound let me know in the comments below. If you liked this video please click the thumbs up button, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!

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