Can Eufy Cameras Detect Animals & Pets (Or Just Humans)?

It is no surprise that most homeowners want assurances about keeping an eye on their fur babies, even when out and about. While that may be the case, some cameras are only good at detecting motions triggered entirely by humans.

That’s what sets Eufy Cameras apart from other security cameras. With the advent of AI-powered security systems, Eufy Cameras provide an intelligent detection experience, from facial detection to the ability to recognize people, pets, and vehicles.

The latest Eufy security cameras are future-proof, and we think that’s good. Let’s show you how Eufy Cameras make it possible to detect animals & pets—Or Just Humans.

Key Points

  • Eufy cameras are smarter with their built-in self-learning algorithm.
  • These cameras have motion detectors that use passive infrared sensors (PIR) to scan the area they are placed in.
  • They are pretty effective in facial detection, person recognition, animal or pet detection, and vehicle recognition.
  • There is also a special pet camera called Eufy Pet Camera D605, which is great for anyone who would love to keep an eye on their furry friends.

Can Eufy Cameras Actually Detect Animals & Pets (Or Just Humans)?

Can Eufy Cameras Actually Detect Animals Pets

Eufy recently built an AI engine for their HomeBase 3, which supports Face Detection, Animal Detection, Human Detection, and even Vehicle Detection. Meaning some recent models of Eufy security cameras can now detect animals, or rather pets, provided they have the Eufy AI chip built-in. But that’s not all; some users who prefer to detect only human movement can use the “Human Only” Detection feature.

You should know that Eufy Cameras connected to Homebase E and Homebase 2 work quite differently from those connected to HomeBase 3. These cameras still have PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors, which apply heat signatures for detecting motion and recognizing different objects.

As such, you can only adjust their setting to either detect “Human Only” or “All Motions”—and by all motions, we mean both animal and human movements. Don’t sweat it because we’ll break down these concepts in the section below.

How Eufy Cameras Detect Animals & Pets (Or Just Humans): From Homebase E & Homebase 2

Most Eufy camera models connected to Homebase E and Homebase 2 offer two types of motion detection:

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  • All Motions
  • Human Only

Whenever you set the detection type to “All Motions” your camera records all movements; this includes motions triggered by animals, humans, or any other non-human motion event.

You can also set the detection type to “Human Only”. Whenever you select this setting, the camera will only detect human movements. All of these can be done through the Eufy Security App. Here is a detailed description of how each mode works.

1. All Motions

You can select this setting if you do not want to miss any action that happens in front of your camera.

The “All Motions” mode enables Eufy Security Cameras to detect motion alerts triggered by humans, animals, cars, etc. This is because the devices rely on Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors to detect the heat signatures emitted by humans and non-human objects.

Usually, once the Eufy camera detects any major motions, the system then immediately sends an alert to notify you of any movement around your house.

To set your camera to “All Motions” mode, open the Eufy Security App and log in to your eufySecurity account. Now, navigate to Camera Settings, select “Motion Detection”, go to Detection Type, and choose All Motions. It’s as simple as that!

All Motions

Note: PIR sensors may lead to several false motion detections, which is why we advise that you adjust the camera’s detection sensitivity to medium.

detection sensitivity

2. Human Only

Human Only is an awesome feature on Eufy Cameras that ensures you get motion detection notifications only when the device detects human motion. Not even animal movement can trigger these notifications.

Generally, this feature can determine whether motions are being triggered by humans or other non-human objects. It does so by using Eufy’s proprietary AI algorithm, which includes facial and body-shape recognition.

As you may have already guessed, unlike the “All Motions” setting, this mode minimizes the likelihood of your camera triggering false motion alerts.

Well, it is important to note that this setting does not prevent your camera from recording any type of motion, whether it’s coming from humans, pets, or other animals. It only stops the camera from sending you alert notifications of motions that are not coming from humans.

To enjoy this feature, launch the Eufy Security App and log in to your Eufy account. From here, navigate to Camera Settings, select Motion Detection, go to Detection Type, and choose “Human Only”.

Human Only

Note: When you select the Human Only setting, the system’s AI will filter out non-human motion events. However, for security purposes, your device will automatically switch to “All Motions” mode during nighttime and then automatically revert to “Human Only” during the day.

How Eufy Cameras Detect Animals & Pets (Or Just Humans): From Homebase 3

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In case you already have the HomeBase 2, you can swap it with the new HomeBase 3 hub. From here, your existing Eufy camera will be able to use the built-in AI engine to recognize people, pets, and even random animals lurking outside your home.

Additionally, HomeBase 3 has facial recognition that will inform you whether the person in your yard is a stranger or not. All these features can be easily operated via the Eufy App.

To detect animals, pets, or humans, here are some HomeBase 3 features that make all that magic happen.

1. Human Detection

Eufy Cameras that work with the HomeBase 3 hub use advanced Human Detection technology to identify and record motion from moving objects. It then classifies these objects accurately, giving them detailed analysis, with a primary focus on detecting human beings.

By doing so, this feature filters out events that don’t include humans and helps minimize the occurrence of false alarms. For instance, it accurately distinguishes between human movements and those caused by cars or animals.

To use the human detection feature, open the Eufy Security App and navigate to Camera Settings. Now select “Motion Detection”, go to Detection Type, and select Human Recognition or Human Detection.

Human Detection

2. Face Detection

Face Detection is yet another feature that Eufy Cameras use to detect humans. This feature is very helpful in identifying individuals who show around your house, including family members, couriers, friends, and others.

The manufacturer recommends that you add familiar faces to the HomeBase to reduce the chances of false alarms. You can add these photos by manually selecting from the phone album or taking a photo.

Usually, when the camera captures new faces, the HomeBase system creates a local collection for your convenience. The HomeBase will also alert you and automatically take action when it detects a strange face appearing repeatedly.

To make the system even more efficient, open the Eufy App, go to Homebase 3, and select “Face Management”.


Here, you can specify the suggested individuals as either Familiar Faces or Stranger Faces.

face management

3. Animal & Pet Detection

Perhaps you only want to monitor your pet and protect your property from stray cats, dogs, birds, or other animals that may cause trouble around your home. Eufy cameras can still make this possible.

Some Eufy Cameras have a dedicated AI chip inside, which makes it easier for Eufy Cams to detect four-legged animals.

To set your camera to “Pet Detection” mode, open the Eufy Security App, go to Camera Settings, and select “Motion Detection”. Now scroll to Detection Type, and choose “Pet Detection”.

Animal & Pet Detection

Unlike the Human Detection feature found on all Eufy security cameras, Eufy continues to integrate “Pet Detection” into most of its conventional security cameras, which include the Solo OutdoorCams and the Solo IndoorCams.

The company also made a dedicated Pet Cam for those who would love to keep an eye on their furry friends when they are not around. It is called the Eufy Pet Camera D605.

A Little Bit About the Eufy Pet Camera D605…

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We recently got the new Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 with voice control, and it is perfect for checking on your pup while at work. Eufy Pet Camera has a 170 ° wide-angle lens, and it can also horizontally pan 270° to easily locate where your little buddy may be.

The build works for both dogs and cats while generating a minimal amount of noise when tracking. This camera can also connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, or other smart home systems.

During detection, the Eufy Pet Camera allows you to effortlessly watch and speak to your dog throughout the day, throw dog treats, and detect whenever they’re running around. But that’s not all! This camera takes it a step further with woof detection, sick pet detection, and a day-to-day video diary so users can geek out on being pet lovers!

If you want to enable Motion Detection on Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605, open the Eufy Pet App on your smartphone and go to Profile. From there, navigate to “My Devices” and select “Pet Camera”. You can now go to Camera Settings and select “Motion Detection”.

go to Camera Settings

After that, toggle on the “Motion Detection” and the “Motion Tracking” feature. You can also choose your preferred setting under the Detection Type settings.

Motion Tracking

Note: There are three options for motion tracking on the Eufy Pet Dog Camera: The “Person” option allows you to track humans only. If you select only the “Dog” option, the camera only tracks your dog’s movement. If you pick “All Motions”, the Pet Dog Cam will track all motion activities it detects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eufy Only Detect Humans?

Eufy has a “Human Only” detection feature that can determine whether motions are being triggered entirely by human beings. This feature uses Eufy’s proprietary AI algorithm, which includes facial and body-shape recognition.

To detect Human Only, open the Eufy Security App and log into your Eufy account. From here, navigate to Camera Settings, select Motion Detection, go to Detection Type, and choose “Human Only”. You should know, though, that this feature only works during the day and switches to detecting all motions at night.

How Far Can the Eufy Camera Detect?

The Eufy Camera PIR motion sensor can detect objects lateral moving up to a range of about 25 feet (7.62 m) to 30 feet (9.14 m), which is typical for most security cameras. While it may not capture distant individuals or vehicles, it remains sensitive enough to detect movement within your yard.

Does Eufy Detect Dogs?

Some Eufy Cameras come with a dedicated AI chip inside, which makes it easier for them to detect four-legged animals, including dogs. However, Eufy recently rolled out the Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 with an AI Auto-Tracking, which always monitors your dog, even when they are on the move.

Still, Eufy is continuing to integrate “Pet Detection” into most of its earlier security cameras. Some of the cameras that come with actual pet detection are:
1. Eufy Solo OutdoorCam C22
2. Eufy Solo OutdoorCam C24
3. Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24
4. Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24

Can Eufy Detect Vehicles?

Eufy Cameras can detect vehicles using a built-in Vehicle Detection feature. The cameras use an AI algorithm that defines patches in images recorded and classifies if that patch “is” a car.

The AI system can identify your vehicle in the backyard or driveway. However, it can only detect moving vehicles, which helps reduce excessive detections caused by stationary parked vehicles.

Bottom Line

Eufy Cameras are popular for detecting motion and offering smart security systems for homeowners. Due to their high sensitivity, Eufy cameras can detect human motion and animal and pet movement, making them ideal for pet owners who want to monitor their little friends. If you are looking for a specialized monitoring solution for dogs, the Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 would be a reliable option.

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