Wyze Cam Says ‘SD Card Not Available’? Here’s What To Do

Wyze SD card slot with SD card partially inserted

Error messages! Whether they’re from your computer, phone, or car – we all hate them! The fixes often involve a lot of work, complicated measures, or are just plain costly. Now, what if this happens with one or more of your smart cameras? The most common problem people run into when it comes to their … Read more

Wyze Motion Tagging Vs. Tracking: Differences and Which Is Best?

Wyze Cam v3

Wyze continues to hold its own among its competitors in the smart home camera sector today – and for good reason! One main reason they maintain their foothold is because of the convenient combination of affordability, functionality, and quality. Altogether, this has made them one of the most sought-after smart home security cameras. In addition, … Read more

Why Is Wyze Cam So Cheap? How Do They Make Money?

Marketing image showing the Wyze Cam Pan facing leftwards.

In the wide, varied world of smart home cameras, there’s always something that makes each stand out, and Wyze is no exception to the rule. So what makes Wyze stand out?  While Wyze smart home cameras offer a lot of the same functions and capabilities as those of their competitors, they do so at some … Read more

Wyze USED To Send Your Data and Videos To China – Do They Still?

Various IoT internet of things devices interacting with the cloud

Talk to just about anyone and they’ll agree that the privacy of their personal information is of the utmost importance. From using complex passwords, keeping important documents locked up and encrypted, and even using special wallets to prevent skimming, it’s easy to see that people go to great lengths to ensure the security of their personal information. … Read more

Can I use the Wyze Outdoor Cam Without a Base Station?

Wyze Cam Outdoor marketing image

Among the many brands of smart home cameras available, Wyze stands out as one of the most popular. One reason being is that unlike many of their competitors, their cameras can store video footage locally via a microSD card, thereby reducing reliance on the Cloud, and offering more secure backup.  With the rise in porch … Read more

Can Ring, Nest, Wyze & Eufy Smart Cameras Be Hacked?

Various light glare from a Ring recording, due to sudden light, when in night vision mode.

The world of smart home technology has developed quickly and for the most part, it’s an exciting and positive change. Being able to control your smart home with ease, whilst checking in on video feeds when you’re out and about (or simply in another part of the house) has never been easier. It’s fun, convenient … Read more