Ring Device Health Says That Voltage Is Too High (“Danger!”)

A Ring doorbell voltage warning

Wired Ring devices have the convenience of not needing frequent battery changes, but they are at the mercy of the safety and reliability of your home’s wiring. What should you do if you keep seeing the danger alert in your Ring Device Health? The first thing you want to do is use a voltmeter or … Read more

7 Ways To Update The Device Health In The Ring App

Highlighting the current signal strength for one of my devices

One of the most important features in the Ring application is also one of the most buggy and inconsistent. How are you supposed to make the most of your smart devices when you can’t get them connected to the internet in the first place? The easiest way to force an update to the Device Health … Read more

Time (Or Timezone) Wrong on The Ring App And Recordings

Adding a new location in the Ring app

Ring cameras are widely popular tools in home security as they help monitor the inside and outside of your home or business. Because of this, they’ve become an indispensable tool to many. As reliable as these cameras usually are, there are occasional issues. Some Ring users have experienced problems with the time or timezone being … Read more

Fixing “Video Processing” Errors In The Ring App

Some Ring footage on the timeline that still shows Video is processing

Getting your video quickly from a Ring camera is incredibly important. Whether it’s a package being dropped off, a family member stopping by for a visit, or home security, getting stuck on a video processing message is a serious delay. The video processing error appears because your smartphone, the Ring device, and the Ring servers … Read more

Ring Doorbell Or Camera Stuck On “Updating” (How To Fix This)

Checking for Firmware Updates in the Ring App

Picture it; you’ve finally got your new Ring camera and you’re all ready and excited to set it up! Everything goes well with connecting it to your Wi-Fi network and the Ring app, so for the last step, it starts updating the firmware. So you wait, and wait…and wait. Wait…why’s it taking so long?? Some … Read more

Does Ring Support Multi-User Geofencing Yet? (Are There Any Workarounds?)

Geofencing in the Ring app

Many Ring users make use of the Ring app’s geofencing capabilities. This convenient feature allows the actions you specify to be carried out when you leave your home and/or when you return. While this is no doubt a great feature for an individual, what about a family? Ring’s geofencing is typically used with only one … Read more

Ring Birds Eye View Blurry (Is There An Easy Fix?)

Really blurry Ring birds eye view map

Ring announced the Doorbell Pro 2 at the start of 2021, and it had an interesting feature: 3D radar, allowing for enhanced motion detection and a Bird’s Eye View map (I’ll discuss what those fancy marketing terms mean in a second!). This new feature sounds awesome, but it has a big problem: when setting it … Read more

Ring App Keeps Crashing Or Logging You Out? How To Fix This

The option to uninstall the Ring app on Android

The Ring app can easily manage a wide variety of smart technology, but it doesn’t always work the way it should. What should you do if your ring app keeps crashing and preventing you from using your Ring smart devices? The first thing you should do is make sure your Ring app and smartphone are updated. … Read more

Ring Device Not Showing Up Under Your Device List? Here’s What To Do

Location in the Ring app

If you have a Ring camera or doorbell, then you know what an important role they play in your home security. While using them, sometimes you do run into the occasional hiccup. But in general Ring devices are pretty reliable. And of course, you manage all of your Ring devices from the Ring app. But … Read more